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STRONG, D., 31 March 1774 - 7 May 1860. Listed on Findagrave as:
STRONG, David S., 31 Mar 1774 - 7 May 1860

STRONG, Marker identical to David's & beside his,  but with no inscription. Identified on Findagrave by Jackie Adams & and here by Trish Boone as:
STRONG, Lucretia Irvine, (born 4 Oct 1773, probably Campbell County, Virginia - died  between 1851 & 1859, Giles County Tenn., (wife of David S. Strong, married 30 May 1794, Campbell County Virginia; she was found as a 76 year old in the 1850 census but not found in the 1860 census.)

STRONG, W. N., 3 September 1846 - 13 June 1912
STRONG, William N., 3 Sep 1846 - 13 Jun 1912. (married Minda Whitmire on Dec 22 1875, in Giles; son of David & Lucretia Strong. I do wonder if W.N was a natural son of David with his birth date being 1846 (unless that is wrong). That means His parents mother: Lucretia was age 73 when he was born and father: David was 72 years old. That is likely too old to bear children so maybe he is a grandchild of David & Lucretia, and from a generation which is lost in unmarked graves. Another possibility was that William N., was an adopted child? [CWA 26 Jan 2013])

STRONG, Minda Whitmire, wife of W. N. Strong, 1 July 1855 - 8 October 1936

Several field stone markers were found, but without inscriptions.

This letter below is the primary source of much of this update from the sparse information on the gravestones. If the update item is not found in Trish's letter below then other updating for this cemetery was from's Jackie Adams:

From: Nick & Trish boone <>
To: wayneal1 <>
Sent: Fri, Jan 25, 2013 11:30 pm
Subject: Re: Find A Grave Search Results on Strong Cemetery
Lucretia was born Oct 4 1773 VA, likely Campbell County, married David S. Strong May 30 1794 in Campbell County Virginia.
I have David S Strong still in VA in 1810, but by 1820 they are in Giles County. This relocation is identical to what I have for her sister Nancy and husband James Maxey, so I am guessing that they migrated together with other family members and/or friends.
Husband David S Strong died in 1860 of "old age" according to the death record and was 86 years old and a widower therefore we know Lucretia died before 1860. However we do know that she is alive and age 76 yrs old in the 1850 census. So she died sometime between 1850 & 1860.
David is shown on the 1860 Census Mortality Schedule so Lucretia not being on that schedule means she died between the census years (1851-1859)
W.N. as you might imagine is their son William. He married Minda Whitmeir, but I suspect it was actually Whitmire on Dec 22 1875 in Giles    [Trish Brewer Boone, 25 Jan 2013]

From Trish a bit later: Opps I just noticed that their son James was born in VA according to the 1850 census and he was 37 making his birth in 1813 so they were still in VA in 1813.

I was mistaken about an earlier factoid I sent I said W. N. was the son of David and Lucretia. I was looking at the 1850 census to get that fact for William on that census. Therefore I meant that William  N. is the son of James therefore the grandson of David & Lucretia.  So this is their grandson and his wife buried here. Now where are the son James and his wife buried? Well possibly in one of those unmarked graves.

I also noticed that Lucretia was 76 in 1850 and her son was 37 making her 39 when he was born SO it is likely that James was their LAST child and the ONLY one that migrated with them so perhaps there are lots of other little Strongs that were already married and therefore stayed in VA when the family migrated here

Added here from the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Giles County Historical Society, page 503 dated 1986 and revised to include Jackie Adams identification and further clarification of two graves in this cemetery. has defined two of these graves to the David Strong family. I take no responsibility for that being correct. No supporting evidence was provided, but the assumption is reasonable based on the research by  cousin Trish Brewer Boone. If you know where this cemetery is located and/or whoever else may be buried here please e-mail Wayne at  [CWA 25 Jan 2013]