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KERR, Samuel, 2 Jul 1790 - 22 Apr 1881. (Son of James & Nancy [Mitchell] Kerr who died in Maury County; husband of Anna Paisley Kerr interred in Mt Carmel Cemetery)

Story goes that sometime after Samuel Kerr's wife Anna Paisley Kerr died Samuel heard a suspicious noise in his hen house. When he went to investigate he was confronted by a robber who shot him. Though he survived he was bedfast for a time and a neighborly single lady known first the records as Sarah Ball came to nurse him back to health. Sometime during or after Samuel mended they fell in love and married. However, Soon the marriage fell apart and Sarah moved back with her family. It is said she did so when she found out she was not substantially included in Samuel Kerr's will. We find Sarah Kerr as Sidney S. Kerr interred beside her family here in the Kedron Cemetery a few miles northeast of the Stella Cemetery. 

Compiled by Wayne Austin 20 Jun 2010. from various family records including records of this site and with the help of Marilyn Hare.