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This map shows the GPS coordinates of the Isaac Smith Family Cemetery as N 35.02194 X W -87.11156 as indicated under the red check.

Location: Go west on Highway 64 bypass to Hwy 166 and turn south. Travel 7+ miles and turn right (west) on Hagan Rd. Follow that westward crossing over a ridge until it becomes (or turn right on) Shoal Creek Rd and then continue on until you pass the Liberty Hill Rd fork on your left. Continue on about 1.4 miles further northwest and look to your right at a locked gate and livestock catch pen over from that. With key from owner go thru locked gate amd up the slope (northeast) from that is an old falling down share croppers house. Follow the farm road behind the old share croppers house up the slope to a thicket which juts out and is on the left of the field road. The cemetery thicket juts out from the forested area. There was a fence there but it is falling down now leaving cattle running loose. The cemetery is on the left of the field road about 350 yards north from the Shoals Creek Road about 70 yards southeast of a cattle pond which cannot be seen as you walk up the road. The pond is hard to see because it is behind the trees and an incline.
Lisa Oliver's instructions from Shoals Bluff Church: Leaving the Shoal Bluff Church & Cemetery go southeast then turn left & cross the bridge. Next turn left onto the Shoal Creek road like you were going to the Jackson Cemetery. After that turn look for the first old abandoned white farm house on the left and then look back right and across the road is a gate and catch pen. Behind that is an old falling down share croppers house. The graves are behind the share croppers house on the crest of a hill in a thicket.
The farm was owned by Mr Winfred Dollins who passed away, but is still in the hands of his family. There are cattle present around the cemetery.

Mapping from Topozone MS Streets & Trips, MS Bing & Google mapping sites. Modified and added here 4 Jan 2014 by C. Wayne Austin. Revised 8 Mar 2014 for an actual visit.