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This map shows the GPS location of the Sandusky Cemetery.  This cemetery is not detailed on the USGS records. The GPS Latitude & Longitude was plotted by C. Wayne Austin 14 Sep 2011.

Location: Go west on Hwy 64 out of Pulaski Tennessee and turn north on the old Hwy 64 which leads to Weakley Creek Road. It may be labeled Weakley Creek Road instead of Old Hwy 64. Pass Weakley Creek Road and another half mile and with advanced permission enter the private drive of the good folks that live there. Drive up to where the driveway splits into the circular Drive and the little cemetery is out in the field to your left about 400 yards. There is a photo from that driveway on this site for your viewing of the cemetery in the distance. Today the cemetery is marked by a Hackberry Tree which hovers over the graves. The cemetery was recently fenced by barb-wire with no gate. 
This Aerial view shows the cemetery as a dark green dot with a red check added there by this author.

This Aerial view marks some of the geographic features you will see that will aid in your attempt to find this cemetery. The Highway shown here is now the old Hwy 64. Coming from Pulaski it may be marked as the access to Weakly Creek Road but also has entrance to the Choates Creek Road. This road veers off of the New Highway 64 just past Bodenham and merges back into it after several miles.
Maps from USGS Topographical, MS Streets & Trips 2004 & MS Bing Maps modified for this site by Wayne Austin, 14 Sep 2011