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Mapping the Location

Area View of the graveyard. 8379

McDILL, Lewis C., (born abt 1856) - died 25 Dec 1881, Age abt 25 years. 8377C/8377/8376/8378
SANDLIN, Elisabeth, -- J-- 1808 - 13 Apr 1816 (fence across her grave, at foot of a large Hickory Tree; unable to find this very old grave, nor was the Hickory Tree present anymore)

Several graves are here with no markers - 1970s. (Unable to confirm this - 2013. The whole area has been trampled by livestock and a large mud hole existed in the center much like a pig pen. Old cow bones were lying all around along with Deer & cattle bones hanging from the fence. How disrespectful can you get to a cemetery. 8379


Photographed on a sunny Tuesday afternoon of 19 Mar 2013. The inscriptions were updated with exceptions found or known by C. Wayne Austin. This publication culminated from various sources. Listed on page 517 of the book Lincoln County County Cemeteries by Tim & Helen Marsh, abt 1978. Added here 2 Dec 2013.