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This map shows the GPS coordinates of the Roberts Family Cemetery as N 35.18638 X W -87.16148. Calculated by CWA using ACME Mapper 2.0  - set on Scenic view.

Location: Go west on Highway 64 (toward Lawrenceburg) from Pulaski and turn (left) south on Johnson Branch Rd.  Go about 3.5 miles on that road and look for the Campbell's place with a thicket that juts out into a hay field from the surrounding forest. The Cemetery is about 100 yards out into the field from the road. Mr. Campbell who owns the property, is a very likeable gentleman, and can if available direct you to the cemetery which is southwest and behind a green top house about 75 yards.
Directions from Daniel Vaughn: The Bachelor Roberts Family Graveyard is on the property of Mr. Campbell. If you go down Johnson's Branch Road it will follow the valley floor for several miles before climbing to the top of the ridge. When you get to the top of the ridge there is a nice size hay field on the left. The first house you see on the left is a white house with a green metal roof. As you follow the road it will curve gently to the left and at the end of the hay field is a house with a nice size garage to the left of it. This is Mr. Campbell's home. He was very helpful in showing me the cemetery. There use to be an old Roberts family home to the right of the current white house. Mr Campbell told me that he grew up in the old house and use to play in the area around the cemetery.
Mapping from Topozone MS Streets & Trips, MS Bing & Google mapping sites. Modified and added here 11 Jan 2014 by C. Wayne Austin.