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REES CEMETERY (Pole Cat Hollow, near Moore County Line), LINCOLN COUNTY TENNESSEE

From the above map we are given the Rees Cemetery GPS location. We can see it is next to the Moore / Lincoln County Line.

Location: From Fayetteville go around the bypass to Hwy 64 and turn east (or right). Go about a mile and turn left on Hwy 50 called Lynchburg Highway. Follow that about 4+ miles to Booneville Road and turn left (north) toward Booneville. Go past Booneville and junction onto Charity Road aka Hwy 129 continuing on less than a mile and cross the west branch of Mulberry Creek and immediately turn left onto Polecat Hollow Road. Follow Polecat Hollow Road less than two miles and pass the last house on the right and go to the big barn and park where the road basically ends. With permission go to the gate on (your) right side of the barn and go thru that closing it and walk straight up (west & to the north) the slope for 300 yards and the cemetery is in that round thicket in front of you. There is a shallow rock wall around it and inside that is an old fence. Carry a brush whacker with you as the blackberry briars are very prickly and need to be mashed or cut down to get to the stones.
While there I subjected it to a two hour sling blade and brush cutting and made the Cardinals & Red Tail Hawks mad at me. The hawks circled and fussed overhead and the Cardinals sat on a nearby limb chirping as I worked. That clearing I did was not enough to make much difference in the long run.
This property is for sale and is in the process of changing hands. Who knows the attitude of the new owner toward cemetery visitors. Mr. Russel from down the hollow 1/4 mile now watches the property and can clear you for permission for now.

This Aerial Map shows more clearly the cemetery under a few trees upon the side of the slope. The formal road ends at the barn, but really at the last house on the right just before the barn. The old house is a historic structure probably founded by the folk who lye in this cemetery.
There are a few small trees showing on this map, in front of the cemetery and between the barn, which have since been cleared leaving the cemetery in full view from the bottom of the hill at the barn. It will show up as a distant clump of trees unless someone completely clears the cemetery. The biggest trees are on the upside of the slope beside the cemetery.

Maps from Topozone & MS Streets & Trips & Google mapping sites, modified for this site by Wayne Austin, 4 Dec 2011.