REES CEMETERY (Pole Cat Hollow, near Moore County Line), LINCOLN COUNTY TENNESSEE

Mapping the Location

Overviews of the Cemetery:

View from Rees Cemetery looking westward down Pole Cat (old southern term for Skunk) Hollow (also known as Holler):
Old house place - only chimney remains - I am told there is an unmarked cemetery on the hill in back of this home where old settlers living here were buried with no marked stones:
Old historic houses along Pole Cat Hollow Road: 7853/7854
Pole Cat Hollow Road Junction: 7852

DAVIDSON, L.W., 8 Jul 1837 - 25 Jun 1892.
DAVIDSON, Mary Wife of C. W. Davidson, 7 Oct 1845 - 6 Nov 1877 (could be L. W. Davidson)
DAVIDSON, Charlie, Nov 25, 1868 - Dec 16, 1868, , Son of L. W. & R A Davidson.
DAVIDSON, Mrs. Adeline, widow of Louis Davidson, died 10 Apr 1917 age: 76 years. (no stone found in 2011 survey, Unmarked grave?,  from News paper)
DAVIDSON, Willis May,  died 13 Jun 1899, age: 18 yrs.  (no stone found in 2011 survey, Unmarked grave?,  from News paper)
NEECE, Fannie B., 2 Dec 1838 - 29 Sep 1879, wife of H. H. Neece.
NEECE, Addie, Daughter of H. H. & F. B. Neece, 15 Jan 1876 - 7 Aug 1876.
RABY, Sarah Milstead, died 26 Oct 1911, age: 66 yrs. wife of E. B. Raby
REES, John, 26 May 1770 - Mar 8, 1863.
REES, Nancy, 12 Feb 1772 - 9 Aug 1853.
REES, Jordan, 18 Jun 1805 -16 Nov 1881.
REES, Martha,  7 Nov 1806 - Oct 25, 1887, wife of Jordan Rees.
REES, W.H. , 22 Aug 1816 -12 May 1875. 
REES, Mary M., 17 Apr 1820 - 19 Jun 1874. wife of W. H. Rees.
REES, Hudson, Son of John & Nancy Rees, 18 Apr 1811 - 19 Nov 1828.
 "In memory of Hudson Rees. Son of John & Nancy Rees. who was born April the 18 1811 & departed this life November 19 1828." 7922/ 7923/7928
REES, Nancy, Daughter of W. H.& M. M. Rees
, 1 Sep 1847 - 10 Oct 1853.
REES, Isaac, Son of W. H. & M. M. Rees, 12 Jun 1853 - 31 May 1860.
REES, Mary, Daughter of W. H. & M. M. Rees, 11 Mar 1859 - 7 Jun 1859.
STEELMAN, Nancy A., Dau of John & E. C. Steelman,  Jun 20, 1882 (death date if there is buried into the ground)
RIVES, C. H., 17 Oct 1814 - 3 Jul 1853.
RIVES, Charlottie
, 16 Feb 1814 - 31 Dec 1873, wife of C. H. Rives.
RIVES, John Jordan, 1 Dec 1847 - 14 Jun 1901.
RIVES, Ruth P. Milstead
, 11 May 1848 - 11 Mar 1926 wife of J. J. (John Jordan) Rives. 
RIVES, Permelia, 5 Sep 1850 - 30 Apr 1884, Wife of J. T. Rives.
RIVES, Nancy, Daughter of C. H. & C. T. Rives
, 11 Jun 1837 - 4 Jul 1855.  
RIVES, Josie, Daughter of J. J. & R. P. Rives,
1 Sep 1875 - 16 Jan 1894.
RIVES, Agnes, Daughter of J. J. & R. P. Rives, 22 Oct 1888 - 16 Oct 1891.
RIVES, Mary, Daughter of J. J. & R. P. Rives
, 13 Oct 1880 - 1 Jun 1884. 
RIVES, Mattie, Daughter of J. T. & P. T. Rives,
22 Aug 1872 - 15 Jul 1888.
RIVES, Nancy, Daughter of J. T. & P. T. Rives, 2 Jul 1883 - 13 Jul 1888. 
RIVES, B. H., Son of J. T. & P. T. Rives, 25 Nov 1876 - 23 Jul 1888.
RIVES, Infant of J. T. & P. T. Rives, b. & d. 17 Dec 1881.
RIVES, Bettie, Daughter of J. T. & P. T. Rives
9 Nov 1874 - 13 Jul 1876. 
RIVES, Permelia, Dau of J. T. & M. C., 4 Feb 1887 - 29 Jul 1898. 
RIVES, Mrs. Fannie Lou Rives,
died 12 Dec 1907, Age: 32 years.  (no stone found in 2011 survey, Unmarked grave?,  from News paper)

Unknown fieldstone marking grave one grave south of  W.H. Rees. 7926/7929 (could this be for Mrs. Adeline Davidson, maybe but I would be more inclined to believe it was a Rees.)
Unknown fieldstone marking grave one grave south of  J. J.  Rives. 7880 (might be the stone inserted temporarily to mark the grave of J. J. Rives, but was never removed when the headstone was installed)
Unknown fieldstone marking grave one grave south of  Ruth P Rives. 7881 (might be the stone inserted temporarily to mark the grave of Ruth P. Rives, but was never removed when the headstone was installed)

I am told by Mr. Russell (age 76 years) who has lived up this hollow all his life that there is a Rees Family Cemetery for African Americans nearby which is thought to be marked only with fieldstones. It is back of Mr. Rees's home who still lives here and may maintain this cemetery, which is on a hill behind his house.

The little spring branch supplying water to the settlers in early times who lived in this valley is called Pole Cat Branch. It empties into the West Branch of Mulberry Creek right at Charity Road. This branch spans a two mile stretch of the valley (hollow) and follows Pole Cat Hollow Rd.

Sorry for the clearing tools being in the photos. They were still being used as I was making the photography rounds. As I tired it became more difficult to keep them from the photo scenes.
The tools were not near as bad as the brush that has overtaken this little abandoned cemetery. Folks these were real people that lived and died and are buried here long ago and I can tell you they were at least middle class America or above during their time.  We tend to think when we see an overgrown abandoned cemetery that these were the graves of poor lost & forgotten people of olden times. I can tell you their characters were generally stronger than ours and they certainly could teach us much about survival in our cushy society today.  Just look as how short their lives were or how many children they lost trying to get a family raised. Mothers always dying in child birth or related issues. We owe it to them to take better care of their resting places than what we are doing, even if private property is involved.  Just a little single visit and clearing once per year as really about all that is needed to sustain this cemetery on a minimal level and that is not enough to disturb farming operations.
I could not have made a single readable photo without the first clearing the brush from the cemetery for about 2 hours. It is getting to be tough to do, but probably, in the long run, makes me stronger and more resilient, but I am willing to share the character building with any helpful person. 

Added here from photo dated 1 Dec 2011 11:00 to 2:00 PM by C. Wayne Austin. Also listed in the book Lincoln County Cemetery Records by Tim & Helen Marsh, abt 1963, page 83-84. I believe I may have added about one or two listings that were not in that book but the book also contained records that were not representative of a transcription of a gravestone, but were in fact newspaper death records. This should be the most complete record of this cemetery that ever existed, and as these old stones now deteriorate, then this may be the best record ever recorded.

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