Mapping the Location

Old historic house in the area - across Amos Gamble Road from the Cemetery:2499
Views looking for the cemetery back off of the road from Amos Gamble & Goose Creek Road in the north east corner: 2501/2503/2505/3129
Area overviews of the cemetery: 3132C/3132/3133/3145/3146/3147/3148

REAVES, A. S., 14 Aug 1820 - 8 Jul 1875. 3131C/3131
REAVES, Margaret, -- Jun 1828 - 7 Oct 1872, wife of A. S. Reaves.  A loving wife and a mother dear lies buried here. (This stone broken up. Parts of the inscription not readable. Missing given name, day of birth, given initials of husband) 3134C/3134
REAVES, Archibald, who departed this life 15 Sep 1840, (no age given; Found only the footstone and base of the headstone) 3149/3149C/3140
REAVES, George, who departed this life 20 Sep 1849, aged: 18 yrs. 3136C/3136
REAVES, Hulday Ann, born 15 Jul 1855, aged: 7 yrs & 22 days. (died circa 6 Aug 1862) 3142C/3142/3143
REAVES, John, who departed this life 22 Aug 1836, aged: 21 yrs. 3137C/3137/3138/3144
REAVES, M. H., (broken footstone, no other information about headstone) 3139C/3139

Slab grave cover with no inscription: 3130/3151
Stone marking grave with no inscription: 3141/3150/3152
Stone unknown base of tombstone or footstone only the bottom half remains with no inscription: 3135

Added here from photos dated 23 Feb 2011 by C. Wayne Austin with the help of Joseph Hasty. Also listed in the book Bedford County Cemetery Records by Tim & Helen Marsh, abt 1963, page 285. Don't have the page number of the 1985 revised edition of that book.

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