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PROSSER (James) CEMETERY (Bartlett Hollow Road) MOORE COUNTY

This map shows the GPS location of our best estimate as to where this cemetery (or at least the stones) was located before Bobby Prosser removed them to the Prosser Cemetery in Marshall County and leaned them against a tree there.

This Prosser Cemetery in Bartlett Hollow has basically been destroyed. It is located on Bartlett Hollow road on the Billy Powell Farm. My (Bobby Prosser) father and I found this cemetery back in the 1980's. The Cemetery was in a barn lot with cattle and other farm animals wondering about.  The above location is Bobby Prosser and other's best guess where this cemetery was located. There is some question if this was the location or the gravestones were removed from the graves before Bobby moved them to Marshall Co to the Prosser Cemetery.

This is a larger aerial view showing the local assets near the cemetery.  The home across the road belongs to the Powell family.

Evidently the cattle are gone from the pasture in this roadside photo showing the weeds and vegetation everywhere. Photo taken by Bobby Prosser, based on his memory of where the place where he picked up the stones from the barnyard. Bobby says the place was just over this fence.

Maps from ACME Mapper 2.1, MS Streets & Trips all modified (revised) for this site by C. Wayne Austin. First added here 20 Jan 2013.  Completely revised 17 Aug 2015.