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PROSSER (James) CEMETERY (Bartlett Hollow Road) MOORE COUNTY

Mapping the Location

PROSSER, James, (born cir 1791) - died Oct 22, 1854, Age 63 years. TombstoneGraphic1/TombstoneGraphic2
(His tombstone is now located in the Prosser Cemetery in Marshall County: )

PROSSER, Frances Richardson, (born cir 1802) - died Oct. 2, 1858, Age 56 Years.
(Her tombstone is now also located in Prosser Cemetery in Marshall County: )

This Prosser Cemetery we list here in Bartlett Hollow has been destroyed. It is located on Bartlett Hollow Road on the Billy Powell Farm. My (Bobby Prosser) (father and I found this cemetery back in the 1980's. The Cemetery was in a barn lot with cattle and other farm animals wondering about. It had been destroyed. We picked up James Prosser and Frances Richardson Prosser's tombstones. I brought the stones home with me and kept them in my shed for a time. They were lying in barnyard "Gook." and would have been lost  I did not want to lose any more of the family history. In recent years I have carried the stones to another well cared for Prosser Cemetery in Marshall County where their son Jonathan, my great grandfather, is buried. B.P.

So we have the tombstones in the Prosser Cemetery in Marshall County. The burials are actually still located in the destroyed Cemetery in Bartlett Hollow near what was an old barn. Barn is now abolished.

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Revised 16 Aug 2015 to add a more detail mapping as to where this cemetery can be found. Contributors are mainly Bobby Prosser a descendent of these folks.