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This map shows the coordinates of the Poplar Hill Cemetery, known incorrectly as Polar Hill Cemetery in some of the mapping industry. The Poplar Hill Cemetery (White section) GPS is
N 35.03000 W 86.96164. The Old Poplar Cemetery (Black section) GPS is: N 35.03017 W 86.96205. and the new Poplar Hill (Black) Cemetery GPS is as depicted below: N 35.03174 X W -86.96334. OK let there be no more confusion about the Poplar Hill Cemetery
As in any old Black cemetery it is not proven that the inhabitants of this cemetery were all one race. Many times whites of long ago started cemeteries and abandoned them as then moved off to the west etc. Sometimes the cemetery was then taken over by the black community and used even into modern times. Unrelated to that is this cemetery was abandoned by the black community and restarted at the church north up Old Poplar Hill School Road. I am unaware of the why that happened except maybe there is a shortage of good lots here due to the land being unlevel and it may have also had something to do with moving the church building. This site was a complete mess of bushes when I was there. I met and discussed that with the lady who lives across the street. She said some of her kin had planned on clearing it, but just procrastinated. However, now I see a photo on that shows a clearing happened, at least partially.

From Elkton go west on Prospect Road toward Prospect and turn south on Poplar Hill Road. Travel to the junction of Old Poplar Hill School Road and Poplar Hill Road and on the left just past the junction find the white cemetery in a clump of trees. The black cemetery is on the right in the (dense) thicket in the northwest corner of the junction.

This aerial map shows the white and black cemeteries in dense trees marked with yellow checks.

New Poplar Hill (New) Cemetery. Not so many graves here but room to grow. At GPS N 35.03174 X W -86.96334. 
Mapping from Topozone, MS Streets & Trips & Google mapping. Modified and added here 24 Aug 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Revised to add the New Poplar Hill Cemetery 7 Jan 2017