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Is there a Jasper Harbart Young and a Isaac H. Young. Well thats one to ponder for a genealogy expert of the Young family
This is the wife
Young, Sarah Jane [Bass], 18 Oct 1851 -  03 Jul 1916 w/o Jasper Harbard Young  d/o James & Sallie Houze Bass.
This is the Husband:
Young, Jasper Harbard/(I.H.), 07 Oct 1848 -  04 Mar 1893 h/o Sarah Jane Bass  s/o Joseph W. & Catherine Wilson Stephenson Young.
Notice I have him Jasper Harbard/(I.H.) because I. H is clearly inscribed on the tombstone -  maybe his given name was Jasper Isaac Harbard, but you the reader can decide
This is one of their children I presume:
Young, Atha F., 09 Jun 1873 - 29 Oct 1876 s/o Isaac H. & Sarah Jane Houze Young.
Notice it says Isaac H.
Wait it gets worse read  the next expert opinion:



A book written about these Youngs' lists a Jasper Harbard Young and an Isaac Young as brothers, whose father was Joseph W. Young.
A lady who knows this family and was a Bass researcher has him as Jasper Harbard Young married to Sarah Jane Bass. As you see below, it says Isaac H. Young in Pisgah and doesn't have Jasper Harbard Young. So the mystery deepens. It shows Atha F. as the son of Isaac Harbard and Charles E. as the son of Jasper Harbard. Yet, it says they were twin brothers.  ?????
A snippet of the book: 
Isaac H YOUNG [Y4i4], son of Joseph W YOUNG, was born in 1850 in District 10 in Giles County. (15nq)
Atha F Young [Y4i2b], son of Isaac Harbard Young, was born 9 January 1873 in Giles Co Tennessee, a twin of his brother Charles. Atha died on 29 October 1876, nine days after Atha. They are buried in Mt Pisgah Cemetery next to their parents.

Charles E YOUNG [Y4i2a], son of Jasper Harbard YOUNG, was born on 9 January 1873 in Giles County, and died on 20 October 1876. He is buried in Mt Pisgah Cemetery.

Jasper Harbard YOUNG [Y4i2], son of Joseph W YOUNG, was born 7 October 1848 in Tennessee. Cemetery stone records indicate that Jasper may have first married Sarah H HOUZE. She was born 20 September 1847 and died 30 October 1868, and is buried on the HOUZE farm near Pisgah. In any case, Jasper married Sarah J BASS in Giles County on 10 August 1871. She was born in Giles County on 18 October 1851, and died 3 July 1916. Her parents were James BASS and Sarah Houze. Jasper was shown under his middle name in the 1880 census, where he was a farmer in District 20 in Giles County. He died 4 March 1893. He and Sarah Jane are buried in Mt Pisgah Cemetery. They had four children_

a. Charles E YOUNG, b 9 Jan 1873
b. Cora YOUNG, b 1875
c. Ira YOUNG, b Apr 1878
d. Lela YOUNG, b Aug 1881

Joseph W YOUNG [Y4i], son of Thomas YOUNG, was born about 1821 at Bradshaw in Giles County. He lived out his life at Bradshaw and married Catherine Wilson Stephenson about 1841. She was born in Tennessee in 1826, daughter of Joseph C Stephenson and Violet Paine (she was a daughter of Thomas Paine). Joseph was a farmer and lived next to the HOLLEY families at Bradshaw. He died in August 1859 of tuberculosis in Giles County; he and Catherine had six known children_

1. Thomas L YOUNG, b 1842
2. Jasper Harbard YOUNG, b 7 Oct 1848
3. William YOUNG, b 1850
4. Isaac YOUNG, b 1850
5. Sarah C YOUNG, b 1854
6. John W YOUNG, b 1856 (L,VB,15nqwz)