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Mapping the Location


Area Views of the Cemetery area just west of the barn: 0228L/0229/0230/0234/0235/0236/0237

B..........., E. E., no other information (fieldstone marking grave with initials E.E.B., however the first E is not certain.) 0219/0220/0221/0222/0228
CHAMBERS, Jefferson
born about 1805, husband of Susan Shelton Chambers; believed to be interred here.
CHAMBERS, Susan Shelton,
wife of Jefferson Chambers; born about 1820, likely buried here in an unmarked & lost grave site.
CHAMBERS, Edward C., 1841 - 1900. This could be matched up to the base without an inscribed top)
PILLOW, Lizzie
no date Listed (same as Eliza E. Shelton Dean Pillow?), no dates listed. Married first to _? Dean, then to W.E. Pillow; d/o Stephen Shelton Jr.; & sister of Susan Shelton Chambers.
GPS reading: N 35.18861 - W 87.13134. 0217
PILLOW, son of W. E. & E. E. Pillow
, No date or given name listed just three fragments remaining.
GPS reading: N 35.18854 - W 87.13138. 0223
SHELTON, Stephen, Jr., dates unknown; It is also thought that Stephen Shelton Jr is buried here. (Very faint initials S.S. found on this fieldstone. May I be so bold as to match it to this listing?) 0231/0232
S. . . . ., fieldstone with very weak "S" inscribed. It is against a tree.  0218
Unknown base of stone, style used from about 1870 to 1900. 0225/0226/0226L

Many graves with fieldstones: 0224/0227/0228/0233/some photos labeled: 0226L/0228L/0229L/0230L

The only formal stone found standing was that for Lizzie Pillow. Perhaps there are others which can be dug from the dense brush and top surface of the ground if the ground were cleared. The other graves listed above are from the various records of the past including the Giles County Cemetery book of 1987 and family history records of
Malinda Stanford White.

The use of the above GPS readings should get you very close to where these grave assets can be found, if you have a reader.

1860 Census Post Office box - Vale Mills, Giles County Tennessee.
Name                        Age
Chambers, Edward   55 (born about 1805)
Chambers, Susan,     40 (born about 1820)
Chambers, William,   18
Chambers, Edward,  15
Dean, William,          21 (son of Susan and ?? Dean?)
Nunly, Patsy,           60

Visited & photographed 30 Jul 2013. Reported as found, but also based on the listings from page 439 of the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Historical Society about 1987, and the family history reporting of Malinda Stanford white, Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 12:42 pm. Added here 23 May 2013. If you have further knowledge of this cemetery please share that with Malinda. Updated 1 Aug 2013 to add photos & information that revealed.