Mapping the location

Site photo from Amos Gammill Road where this cemetery is located:  3077

No graves can be identified to a name in this cemetery. The historic house across the street where these grave inhabitant likely lived is known to have belonged to the Parker family sometime in the 19th century. Further research needed in Census and land records of Bedford County.

Unknown grave(s) photos. You will not be able to clearly determine the grave locations since large trees have pushed over the monuments:  3085 / 3086 / 3087 / 3088

Large stack-stone limestone Slabs mark the graves of unknown persons buried here. This cemetery is not documented by anyone in the past.
Typically these types tombs were in style from about 1820 to 1875.
The only reason I gave this cemetery the name Parker cemetery is because the lady who lives in the house across the road said the folks that lived in their house a long time ago were the Parker family.

This site was visited 23 Feb 2011 with the help of Mr. Hasty who lives in this area. I believe it is listed in the book cemetery Records of Bedford County Tennessee by Tim & Helen Marsh on page 285 as on the Crook Run Road which is also called Amos Gammill Road..

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