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SMITH CEMETERY, (Across from Lynnwood Cemetery.) - GILES COUNTY TENNESSEE

Smith Cemetery GPS at N 35.37477 X W -87.01402. See Mr. Nathan Smith's letter below.

Turn south (right) off of Hwy 129 across from Lynnwood Cemetery 300 feet east of Lynnwood Cemetery and drive up the field road to the old fallen house thicket using the field road into the place. Park and walk west along the brush line almost to the end at top of the hill..
Turn into the brush going south and look for an overgrown chain link fence. My daughter worked her way in and got some pictures, but the oldest part within another chain and post fence; she could not penetrate due to the briars.
My grandmother talked to me about this 75 years ago. I have walked there many times before when it was not overgrown. My son and I used to hunt there in the 50's and 60's when living in Memphis. Grandma Nathan Smith told me the house slaves were buried about where the two corner chain link posts are located closest to the house. That would be the NE and SE corners.
Mr Williams is the owner of the place. He lives down Hwy 31 (west side) a mile.
To: Wayne Austin From: Nathan Smith Date:7 Jul 2016

In a message dated 7/4/2016 8:35:34 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Nathan I am Wayne Austin the party looking for the Smith Cemetery across from Lynnwood Cemetery in Lynnville Tennessee. I see you have been talking to Mary Bob about clearing the brush from the Smith Cemetery.
 So you are confirming the cemetery is in the upper (western) part of that thicket on the upper part. It is a big thicket in center of the field where the old house stood. The brush and briars in that area were so thick the day I there. It looked to me like the brush was so thick it would take 30 minutes to clear a 10 X 10 foot area. I have been there at least three times. Once I went thru most of the dense brush looking for signs and another time I just drove up to the brush and let out a Whew! and turned around and drove away. The density and bigness of the area overwhelmed me. I am sure the land owner Mr Williams know where it is. I am happy to go there and clear some brush sometime but I think it a winter time task.
I know the Owners, the Williams because they have two or three cemeteries on their property I have visited. The Evans Cemetery and the two Tacker Cemeteries. I had to contact them to get into the Tacker Cemetery, but the Evans Cem has a clear right of way.
Not sure if they will help. I don't think their patients from Cemetery visitors is very high, but don't see you having problems?

C. Wayne Austin

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