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SMITH CEMETERY, (Across from Lynnwood Cemetery.) - GILES COUNTY TENNESSEE

Only this aerial map is offered because I could not find this cemetery in this brushy environment. Some say the cemetery is near the road but that is not precise enough to find a cemetery when sometimes in these thickets cemeteries cannot be located when standing within a few feet. It is said it was in an open field and had a gate surrounded by a old wrought iron fence. My best guess now of the location is the upper part of the thicket where the old home was located because that thicket was once open field. I went here but it was so wet with tall vegetation I could not venture around looking for the cemetery without getting wet.
No mapping from Topozone MS Streets or MS Trips, but only from Google mapping. Modified and added here 11 Oct 2012 by C. Wayne Austin.