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GANNON, Emma M. Long, 5 Jan 1954 - 25 Mar 1989, Love lives on. (daughter of Thomas W. & Minnie W. Long; killed in Missouri by her husband who decided he did not want to be married anymore. He is still in jail as of 2010.) 6261
LONG, Thomas W.,
5 Oct 1932 - 9 Dec 2002. (The patriarch of this Long family, lived here since the 1960s, passed away from Colon Cancer.) 6262C/6262
LONG, Minnie M.,
14 Apr 1934 -  no other date. (wife of Thomas W. Long married 19 Apr 1952; native of Alabama.) 6262C/6262

This is a family cemetery started in 1989 by the Longs. They moved up here in the 1960s and have been a farm family since.  This cemetery is as a place of quiet solitude to reflect on the memories of the Long family.  Added here 1 Nov 2010 from photos dated 16 Oct 2010 and interviews with James & Minnie Long. [C. Wayne Austin]