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JACKSON (Samuel) CEMETERY, (Hulsey Branch Road, near Alabama Line), GILES COUNTY, TENNESSEE

Mapping the location


JACKSON, Nichles, (Only inscription found in this cemetery - no dates or other information present, born sometimes prior to 1797. Has younger brother Barrington Jackson who is interred in the Jackson Cemetery northeast of here. (believed to be a misspelling of Nicholas)

THOMAS, James F.* 1834 "died in a hospital, March 13th 1862.".  Confederate States Army, Company H, 32nd Tennessee Infantry. This was Captain Thomas Hanna's Company, called the Tennessee Volunteers. He was listed as a Waggoner and was promoted to Corporal. His widow was  Louisa Caroline Marbut Thomas. 

Others buried here are thought to be the children of Nicholas Jackson. There were at least eight of them. Nicholas Jackson lived here and it is believed his descendants are therefore buried here.

*Credible sources say he is interred here in an unmarked grave, perhaps under one of the fieldstones. It is also known he may be interred in a field location somewhere in Kentucky resulting from his death during the Civil War. His story can be told in detail at this location: (a tremendous story as compiled and told by Jim Thomas a descendent and submitted to Anna Jackson of Rootsweb TNGILES)

This cemetery is laced with fieldstones without inscriptions marking the head of graves of persons unknown.

The Sam Jackson Cemetery is mapped here and on, but not proven by a visit. (1 Feb 2011 C.W.A.)

What is known is that the Sam Jackson Cemetery is located across from Cletus White's house on Hulsey's Branch Road on a hill. It is grown up in brush, hard to find and difficult to get to. I went with other parties to find it once, but gave up without success. Others since have been successful in finding it, but were unable to add any more conclusions as to who may be interred there. Several field rocks are still present.  The only rock with an inscription has inscribed on it Nichles Jackson. He would have been born sometimes before 1797. The other Jackson Cemetery northeast of here was founded by a younger brother of this Nicholas Jackson buried here. His name and listing: JACKSON, Barrigton, 20 Dec 1797 - 17 Sep 1868. 

Nick's grandson, Samuel Andrew "Sam" Jackson 1847-1902, lived there when he was killed in a mystery that still stands today. This cemetery is named after him. (See Samuel Andrew Jackson ( was buried in the Minor Hill Cemetery.

I've been told James Washing Balch was buried in the Nick Jackson cemetery too.  I've wondered why since he lived no where near here.

Compiled by an anonymous researcher. Edited and added here by CWA 1 Feb 2011. Also listed in the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Historical Society 1986.