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OLD PROSPECT CEMETERY, (south toward Elk River from Prospect) GILES COUNTY TENNESSEE

This map shows the coordinates of where we believe the Old Prospect Cemetery is located. I (CWA) have now visited this cemetery and confirmed the location. Coordinates based on instructions of an anonymous contributor.

This road map shows the route needed from Pulaski to get to this cemetery. 
Location: Highway 31 South to Elkton. Turn right on Prospect Road. Go several miles to and thru Prospect and on the western side of Prospect turn south or left on the old Prospect-Bethel Road (not Hwy 166) and travel 4 tenths of a mile. Look left at the red & white gate (photo attached). The Cemetery is behind that (private property) gate. There is a house and red barn which was once an aircraft hanger and another barn further back. The cemetery is south of those buildings about 200 yards following along the farm road. Further refinement follows on the next map.

This aerial map shows one going into the Gate and at the old house turn right and follow the farm road until it bends back right then back left. When the trees begin to be large and thick on the right go about another 30 yards and the cemetery should be on your right out just west from the road about 10 yards. A yellow highlighter has been applied to the farm road you should follow. However you should get permission to follow this route after the gate. The Gate is locked.

The cemetery would be back to the right from that red building in this photo under the large oak trees - in the upper right corner of the photo, but in the distance. The photographer is standing on the old Bethel-Prospect Road and the cemetery is out of photo range here on our right.

This is another photo that offers clues as to where this cemetery is located. The grave of Coleman Harwell has been violated by the large oak tree growing up in the center of the grave. Christian Cemeteries nearly always have the footstone at the eastern foot of the grave and the headstone at the western end making this photo shooting toward the southwest. Possibly the bluffs of the Elk River can be seen in the distance in this photo or perhaps just a large hill.
Mapping from Topozone MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping. Modified and added here 21 Feb 2011 by Wayne Austin. Photos & instructions by a Giles County contributor known as Anonymous on 17 Feb 2011.