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OLD PROSPECT CEMETERY, (south toward Elk River from Prospect) GILES COUNTY TENNESSEE 

Mapping the location

Overview of the cemetery 024
undated photo  017 / 001
Other undated photos of the Coleman Harwell monument 002
  / 003  / 004

HARWELL, James O. Soule, 3rd son of Thos. D. & Ann B. Harwell, Born 23 Oct 1844 - Died 1 Sept 1846. Aged 1 Yr 10 Mo 8 Days 039 / 024 / 017 
HARWELL, Coleman,
3 Jul 1789 - 18 Jan 1841. 016   / 024 / 017
LESTER, Morris,
Died 1853, Aged 96 Years, (a Revolutionary War Soldier who was taken prisoner and held 6 months on board a prison ship by the British; Later during the Civil War his tombstone was used by Federal Soldiers as a fireplace. A tombstone that is subject to heat eventually crumbles into dust. At the time of his death he was living with his daughter Mrs. Thomas A (Elizabeth) Westmoreland at Prospect; Revolutionary Soldier served 6 years and 6 months  023  / 024 / 017

At least ten standing (fieldstones) grave markers can be found here facing east and buried half way into the ground marking the head and/or foot of a grave; no information is known on who is buried under them. At least 5 of them are visible in these photos: 023  / 024 / 017 / 047

This nearby location near present Prospect is known to be the first place where the early settlers for Prospect migrated too, & lived and farmed. It lies along Ford Branch used as a water source by them. The land here is adjacent to the Elk River and is rich river bottom land and sought-after by the early settlers because of its great cultivation qualities.

Interesting point about the other name Fort Hill Cemetery: I was told during the Civil War this place was occupied by Federal Troops who named the camp Fort Hill.

Transcribed from Photos taken by Anonymous (an unnamed Giles County researcher/contributor) 17 Feb 2011. Added here 20 Feb 2011 by C. Wayne Austin. Also the listing included from the Giles County Cemetery book, 1986. This was done to avoid giving an incomplete listing although only God has a complete listing here. CWA