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Back in 2008 when I visited this cemetery I parked the car at the gate to the right of way and plodded up the hill to the cemetery.  The old Bear Creek Cemetery was about 400 yards from the nearest house north & up into the woods on top of a hill. In the distance I heard a big dog barking, but he made no effort to come toward me. I assumed I was too far from his house for him to attempt an attack. I arrived at the cemetery and began the photography work.
After about 10 minutes the dog started barking again. This time he barked then advanced a few yards closer up the hill and repeated that again. He kept approaching toward me barking and coming up the hill, getting closer and closer. I could not see the dog but he sounded big and mean like a Doberman. I had nothing to defend myself with, so I set about locating the biggest stick I could find. Found one that was a light Cedar stick, but hoped it would work if needed. Very soon the big dog was within about 150 yards and still advancing up the hill, barking, and getting more vicious sounding. I scanned the area for safe places, thinking 1st about shinning up a tree. No such tree around me, so I found the tallest tombstone monument. The one selected was a solidly built obelisk with a flat top. I climbed upon the top and stood there standing and doing a balancing act. Soon it dawned on me if I kept standing I would become unbalanced and topple off. So I sat down with my feet hanging 2 feet lower. Then I realized I was not really out of reach of a big dog, and the stone was still in danger of falling and/or so was I. So I jumped back down and stood with my back to the stone wielding the stick in the direction of the advancing dog. The dog growling and snarling by now drew within about 50 yards of my fortress and as quickly as all the bluffing started, it stopped. He turned around, and trotted back toward his distant home as quietly as if nothing happened. I immediately set about learning to breath again as I cast the stick aside and went back to work. That was one dog I never understood. He was far away from his house and never should have taken on a stranger 400 yards in the distance, but it proves one thing in the end he knew better than to attack in that instance though I do not know how much harm I would have brought to him in that situation.

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