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Bear Creek Church, front view. Photo and info by Wayne Austin, 26 Feb 2008

Bear Creek Church, rear view. Photo and info by Wayne Austin, 26 Feb 2008

The church is back from the road on the same side as the New Bear Creek Cemetery.
While I have not researched this church it is clearly historic. I see no evidence the facility has ever had electricity indicating it was not being used at the time electricity was installed in the neighborhood in the 1930s. 
The Middle Tennessee State University Historical Preservation Department has had a program for preserving this relic in the past. There is a booklet in the Maury County Archives explaining that.
Listing on the National Historic Places Register for this Building:

  Bear Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church (added 1985 - Building - #85000667)
Also known as Bear Creek Community Church
Bear Creek Rd., Mooresville, Marshall County, Tennessee
Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering
Architect, builder, or engineer: Unknown
Architectural Style: No Style Listed
Area of Significance: Architecture
Period of Significance: 1875-1899
Owner: Private
Historic Function: Funerary, Religion
Historic Sub-function: Cemetery, Religious Structure
Current Function: Funerary, Religion
Current Sub-function: Cemetery, Religious Structure

Alert: I visited this church building 30 Dec 2005 and all appeared well with the property. However, while visiting 26 Feb 2008 I noticed the front doors were standing wide open. I also noticed some glass broken & missing from the windows. This openness will compromise the building quickly if something is not done. Birds & insects will take up residence soiling the inside. Also vines are running up the north side of the brick wall. One deteriorating event will follow another to the eventual total detriment of the property. Best to repair the broken glass immediately. I closed the doors but they should be locked and the windows repaired along with destroying the vines climbing the brick. Maybe a shop vacuum cleaning of the inside is in order. I would say with proper closure the property is good for a while. The roof looks solid, but some of the lower window seals may need paint to fend off decay.
Photos and info by Wayne Austin, 26 Feb 2008

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