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The Moses Lancaster Jones memorial box tomb crumbling with the crushed plate. Out beyond that with a 40 foot skip is the William J. & Nancy Williams boxtombs.

[JONES], Moses Lancast[er], 23 Aug 1812 - 16 O[ct 1853], son of Hezekiah & Sanai [Jones.] Married 20 Nov 183_ to Mary E. Williams Bur[ge]. Children: Mary Ann (Moore), John Lewis, George W. _ _ _
Characters enclosed in [ ] denote my best guess as to the missing information. I believe the surname to be "Jones" because there is a Hezekiah and Sinai Jones in this cemetery at about the right age to be Moses's parents. I filled in the 1853 for the death date because there was a listing of a missing Jones entry in the Giles County Historical book of a Jones that died Oct 1853 and it matched up with the above listing. I matched the "Bur" with the only Burge surname in this cemetery. That one is a bit shallow so you be the judge and use it at your own discretion in our genealogy. Photo by Wayne Austin, 29 Nov 2007, 9:30 AM