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This map shows the GPS coordinates of the Isaac Morris Grave not recorded anywhere until here.

Location: Highway 64 West, right into Campbellsville Road, left on Dry Creek Road. Go 600 yards and look right at a metal cattle gate and on out across that you will see the cemetery in the distance - southwest about 167 yards in a clump of trees.

This map shows the roads needed to get to this cemetery and where the tree lines form and end.

This map shows both the Isaac Morris grave on our left on the west side of Little Dry Creek Road and the Morris Town Cemetery on the right side of Little Dry Creek Road. This is just a way to locate both of these cemeteries as the interred here are part of the same family, but there is a black cemetery adjacent to the Morristown Cemetery previously called Morristown (black) Cemetery. It now may be called the Good Hope Cemetery by the black community.

Here we see the Isaac Morris Cemetery in the distant clump of trees out in a field. It would be my suspicions that Isaac died rather suddenly probably of an infectious disease and was immediately buried here likely on his property as he died 16 years after his wife Susannah had already been buried upon the hill in the family cemetery there.
Maps from Topozone, MS Streets & Trips & MS Virtual Earth & Google, modified for use here
by Wayne Austin, 15 Sep 2010.