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Mapping the Location

Area Views: 6274/6270C/6270/6273

MORRIS, Isaac Sr., 29 Jun 1766 - 16 Jul 1856. (h/o Susannah Tacker Morris. She is interred in Morristown Cemetery across the road, and upon the hill, along with other family members.) 6271/6273/6272

I was shown this massive granite slab style tomb by Mr. James Long a nearby resident. We are unaware if there are family members interred in this area along with the family cemetery upon the hill. The tomb occupies only a small part of the area of this grove of trees where the Isaac Morris Cemetery is located. This slab was added here in recent years between the years 1950 - 2000 and appears to replace some kind of earlier monument that was failing.

Visited & photographed by C. Wayne Austin 16 Oct 2010 with the help of Mr. James Long, a nearby resident who knew the area well. Added to this site 8 Mar 2011 by C. Wayne Austin. Also l
isted in the book: Giles County Tennessee Cemeteries, page 372, by the Giles County Historical Society, about 1988.