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Views of the Cemetery: 1147/1148/1149/1151/1152/1153/1154/1167/1168/1169/1170/1180/1189/1190/1191
Spotting Whitaker Cemetery: 1195
Old Log home - on Booneville Road: 1192/historic looking house - Booneville Rd: 1193
Nearby historic looking home: 1145
View from Ashby Road: 1146

ANDREWS, Elizabeth, died 7 Aug 1891, Aged Abt 60 yrs, wife of Henry Andrews. (Stone broken in two places. lying on base) 1177/1179C/1179
FAULKNER, Mattie McGee, 1857 - 1933. (New Granite Marker.) 1159
JONES, H. L., (no other information) 1182/1183/1184/1185/1186/1187
JONES, Sarah T., 28 Feb 1848 - 24 May 1884.
(stone broken with only parts of the date visible to match up to historical records.)1184/1183/1181/1185
MCAFEE, Mrs. Annie, died 25 May 1909, age: 28 yrs. (Stone not found in 2010 survey)
MCAFEE, W. D. (William Daniel) "Billy", 1866 - 1949. 1166/1167
MCAFEE, Jane (McGee), 1885 - 1941. 1165/1167
MCGEE, A. S., 1 Nov 1832 - 15 Jan 1891. 1160/1158/1167
MCGEE, Abner, 26 Feb 1888 - 7 May 1916. 1162/1167
MCGEE, Ester Lena, died 22 Oct 1910, age: 21 y & 9 m., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John McGee. (Stone not found in 2010 survey)
MCGEE, J. B. (John Bell), 7 Dec 1858 - 11 Apr 1934. (s/o Lattie McGee and mother Sarah Bellvis McGee; h/o Stacy Ann McGee. Informant was John McGee, Mulberry, Tn. Undertaker Galloway-Raby Co, Fayetteville, Tn. DC#8714) 1164/1167
MCGEE, Stacy Ann, 16 Feb 1860 - 11 Oct 1927, wife of J. B. McGee. 1163/1167
MCGEE, Tillman A., 25 May 1865 - 23 Nov 1940 1155C/1155/footstone: 1188/1154
MCGEE, Mary R., 29 Mar 1872 - 20 Dec 1952. 1155C/1155
ROE, Samuel Boone, died 10 Aug 1895, age: 16 m., son of Samuel Roe. (Stone not found in 2010 survey)
ROE, Kate, died 13 Sep 1895, age: 8 yrs, daughter of Samuel Roe. (Stone not found in 2010 survey)
WARREN, John Columbus, 24 Aug 1914 - 20 May 1924. (s/o of Thomas Floyd Warren & Lorna Lomie Ann Weigart; Lomie was the daughter of Columbus and Sarah (McGee) Weigart. (His grave is unmarked)
WEIGART, Sarah Elizabeth (McGee), 1857 - 1915, d/o John and Mary Taylor McGee; married to Columbus Southworth Weigart (Her grave is unmarked)

Fieldstones that may be marking unknown graves. If so they have fallen and not standing upright facing east: 1171/1172/1173/1174/Grave sink beside largest rock vault: 1187
Grave sink inside large iron fence. Has fieldstones marking grave: 1175/1176
3 Rock Vaults, no inscription. 1156/1157/1161/1178/1186

Find a grave has 2 McGee Cemeteries and a McGee Family Cemetery. I (Gerald Burrow) think all 3 are in close proximity to each other. The John Bell McGee in the McGee Family Cemetery is the J B McGee in the 2nd McGee Cemetery---someone just added another Cemetery where maybe they should have just corrected the name in the 2nd one. But there does seem to be 2 different cemeteries according to the note on the 1st one with 3 interments listed. - by Gerald Burrow, 3 Nov 2015.
Commentary by CWA: There are about 4 cemeteries in the historical records of Lincoln County that have in the past or does now carry the McGee surname either as the first name or in the body of the cemetery. This is the documentation:
1. McGee Cemetery (the above listing) McGee Hollow near Mulberry, Page 368-369 of the Tim & Helen Marsh cemetery book. N 35.24174 W -86.46864
2. McGee-Waggoner Cemetery aka Waggoner Cemetery, Gimlet Road, east side near Stony Point Church 35.26601 -86.50120, P31 of the book
3. McGee (John) Cemetery Gimlet Road, west side in hedgerow. His is the only marked stone. About 5 other stones reside there. N 35.25888 N -86.50290, P31 of the book
4. McGee-McCartney SE of Fayetteville Tn. 250 Old Lincoln Road, P312 of book in the Lincoln Quad This cemetery has been renamed as the Koonce-Kelso-McCarney-McGee Cemetery, but does not carry that name officially
Any other listing on are likely spurious data that belongs in the above 4 cemetery listings. C. Wayne Austin 4 Nov 2015.

Visited & photographed 10 Jun 2010 by Wayne Austin. Initial typing by Faye Bradford. Added to this site 29 Jul 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Also published in the book Lincoln County Cemeteries, Page 368-369 by Tim & Helen Marsh & Ralph Whitesell, 1976. Presented on with some listings missing and other listings belonging to other cemeteries, instead of this one. This is the usual errors in location there. I think it is the way people are thrust into selecting the cemetery, which is fast and furious, without a way to put the proper thought into that phase of their listing graves out there.

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