Mapping the Location

Land for McDaniel Meeting House, M.E., and Graveyard was given by Fielding McDaniel in 1828. 1 acre & 8 sq. poles.

Nearby McDaniels Cemetery east 8/10 of a mile on north side: 7790/7791/7792
Nearby Walker Cemetery - spotting photos: 7818/7819/7820/Map: 7821

McDANIEL, Fielding, 1781-1840.
McDANIEL, Lucy Baker, 1783-1839. (wife of Fielding McDaniel)
McDANIEL, other members of Fielding McDaniel's family are said to be buried here. There are no longer markers here but only dismantled rock vaults.

8 or 10 Graves with Rock Vaults (so called when a bunch of field rocks are stacked over a grave as a grave cover) have about all tumbled to the ground and disappeared. I think the most likely location is the center of photo number 7792 under the trees next to the pond. The GPS is centered in that area somewhere, if the GPS is correct.

No survey. Cemetery not found. Spotting photos only. This is cemetery #36 in the Maps of Lincoln County Cemeteries, Page 188 by Tim & Helen Marsh & Ralph Whitesell, 1976.

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