Mapping the Location

Area views of the Cemetery: 7794/7795/7796/7797/7798/7799/7800/7812/7813/7814/7815/7816

CRUTCHER, Taylor, died 30 Jun 1907, age: 18 mo., son of Mrs. Maud Crutcher. (no stone found
PARKS, Mrs. Ida (C. Honey),born apr 1874 - died 30 Dec 1906, age: 32 yrs, wife of W. H. Parks.
PARKS, Jesse W. (Woodruff), born 3 Sep 1828 - died 14 Jan 1900, age: 72 yrs, died at his Son: M. B. Parks. 7804/7809
PARKS, Mattie A., 31 Dec 1850 - 22 Dec 1863. 7805/7806/7807/7808
PARKS, Sarah Higgins Woodruff, 1788 - Jul 1857.
PARKS, Thomas, 1788 - 5 Jul 1847
P. . . . .,  J. W., (Footstone-headstone missing)
VENTRESS, Laura, died 14 Nov 1895, age: 13 y & 9m, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. D. Ventress.
VENTRESS, Nina D., died 1 Sep 1905, daughter of J. D. Ventress.
VENTRESS, Lou M., 16 Jun 1851 - 6 Apr 1894, wife of J. D. Ventress.

Several markers are destroyed and or missing, now in a cow pasture. 7799/7800/7801/7802/7803/7810/7811

This cemetery has been abandoned and destroyed to the point it is no longer possible to do a normal survey. The cemetery has towering over it a rotten tree trunk that has turned the cemetery into a waste land of rotten tree logs. Just bits and pieces of stones are scattered around and nothing can be found with inscription except the above two stones as shown. I must concede there may still be other stones below the high weeds of the tree log that I may have missed.  One stone (Mattie Parks) was protected by an iron fence and survived. The other stone (Jesse W. Parks) was dug from the ground. It is possible and likely some of the listings above were originally unmarked graves. How do we know?

Visited & photographed 1 Dec 2011 by Wayne Austin. Initial typing by Faye Bradford. Added to this site 31 Jul 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Also published in the book Lincoln County Cemeteries, Page 393 by Tim & Helen Marsh & Ralph Whitesell, 1976. Presented on with some listings missing and other listings belonging to other cemeteries, instead of this one. This is the usual errors in location there. I think it is the way people are thrust into selecting the cemetery, which is fast and furious, without a way to put the proper thought into that phase of their listing graves out there.

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