Mapping the Location

Area photos: 3446/3414/3415/3416/3417/3418/3419/3420/3434/3435/3436/3442/3443/3444
View from northbound I-65, do not try to duplicate this view. The highway is narrow & dangerous here.  4460

Nearby (south) Bunker Hill Church of God: 3447C/3447/3448

BARNES, Celia A., 6 Apr 1851 - 3 Nov 1885.  3422C/3422
BENNETT, Harvey,
1836 - 1885. (Modern granite monument) 3421
BENNETT, Mary E. (Elizabeth),
1841 - 1885, wife of Harvey Bennett. (Modern granite monument) 3421
DOBBINS, Deane McCracken, 7 Sep 1868 - 3 Sep 1942. 3429/Obituary
dates unknown, before Civil War. (Inscription not found in 2010 survey)
McCRACKEN, Rebecca Collins,
1810 - 1903, wife, on one stone. (Inscription not found in 2010 survey) Obituary
McCRACKEN, John Calvin,
1 Jun 1840 - 9 Dec 1884. (C.S.A. ) 3431
McCRACKEN, Mary C. (Cicly) Barnes,
12 May 1843 - 16 Dec 1943. ( w/o John Calvin McCracken; C.S.A. Widow's Pension #W8290 & W51 & W8708 filed on John Calvin McCracken; Centurion) 3431
McCRACKEN, Luther W.,
24 Jul 1830 - 1 Apr 1863. (surname spelled McCrackin; Is this a Civil War death? Occurred during the heat of the war. ) 3423C/3423/3424
8 Aug 1872 - 25 Dec 1948. Asleep in Jesus. 3428
MAYS, Annie,
Age 3 years, no dates listed. 3433
MAYS, Calvin,
1881 - 1902, (son of Sam & Elizabeth Mays). (Inscription not found in 2010 survey) Obituary
MAYS, Luther,
1875 - 1902. (son of Sam & Elizabeth Mays). (Inscription not found in 2010 survey)
MAYS, Samuel,
Co. E. 6th Tenn. Cal. C. S. A.  3427/3425
MAYS, Elizabeth,
1845 - 1881, Wife of W. S. Mays.  3432
STOREY, Twins,
(Grandchildren of John & Rebecca McCracken. (Inscription not found in 2010 survey)
TUCKER, Percy,
no dates listed, (3-year-old son of Robert E. & Mary Inez Tucker) (Inscription not found in 2010 survey)
TUCKER, Robert E.,
20 Mar 1866 - 20 Nov 1937.  At Rest 3437/3438/3439/3440/3441
TUCKER, Mary Inez,
5 Oct 1867 - 5 Feb 1942. At Rest (Giles Co. native; d/o Sam Mayes & Cordelia McCracken; 3437/3438/3439/3440/3441/Obituary
TUCKER, Maggie Miller,
4 Jan 1870 - 20 Jul 1920, wife of R. L. Tucker.  She was the sunshine of our home. 3430/Obituary

This is a large area and many open spaces that may contain unmarked graves or fallen stones buried under the debris. The grass was too high to get a good feel for unmarked graves.

*There are folks with the surname Worsham buried here, but no dates nor names are known. (note posted in the Cemetery book as noted below)

Photographed on 6 Jul 2010 by C. Wayne Austin. The inscriptions were updated with any exception found or known. This publication culminated from various sources and attempts to portray this cemetery as complete as possible. First it was compiled by Faye Bradford, 10 Nov 2011. Listed on page 358-359 of the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Giles County Historical Society 1986. Added here 25 May 2012 by CWA. has no listings presented yet.

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