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MAXEY GRAVES (Gimlet Creek & Morgan Hollow Road) GILES COUNTY, TENNESSEE

This photo made cir 1930 shows the old Isaiah Thomas Maxey log home across Gimlet Creek Road to the north of this cemetery. It is believed it was built as early as 1840. This is a back view we are told. In those days the back of the home was busier than the front with a constant stream of chores to be done.

This is also the back view from a side angle.

Speaking of busy the old spring house shown here on the east side of the home because this was the source of water for all in the family and all livestock too. Notice the stream of water channeled out from the spring house to a large trough pooling the water. It was stated that the spring house built by Hiram S Brewer the son-in-law of Isaiah Thomas Maxey.

Now we see the same spring in cir 1974 in color, by later Brewer descendents. Looks like a rock house was added over the spring. The owners built a well fortified building around the water to protect its cleanliness. Trish's dad and his cousin went there then to attempt a purchase of the old place. They were unsuccessful.

View of front of the house -  Remember the old photo above  - in this view the old small cabin is to the right of the house out of sight.
This photo was taken same time as the other - 1974. The Maxey cemetery would be across the street to the right of the house in the back left yard of the brick home as we have it documented here on this site.

Written using Trish's notes and other commentary. Added here 29 Jun 2013.