MAXEY GRAVES (Gimlet Creek & Morgan Hollow Road) GILES COUNTY, TENNESSEE

Mapping the Location     Isaiah Thomas home place     Hiram Brewer family(son in law)

Photos of the lost Grave Site:7610/7611/7612

MAXEY, Isaiah Thomas, 1815 - 15 Jul 1886.
MAXEY, Eliza Warden, 1815 - Dec 1893.

The three parties investigating this are C. Wayne Austin, Trish & Nick Boone and Richard Wells. Richard knows of several unmarked graveyards around this area of the county which have been investigated. One of those is also across the hill north of here behind the old Maxey home where fieldstones mark several graves, so that is another possible site. We were told by the property owners here that this site was a graveyard, but that no one knew who was buried here except it was known to be a man and a woman years ago, since this is an unknown graveyard. Also this site lies across the Lawrence County/Giles County, but on the Giles County side. This is most likely to be the place of the Maxey Cemetery. Though these were prominent people we think they did not mark the graves because of a culture that was found among old settlers regarding the vanity of photos and gravestones (sinful graven images they were called.)
It is not absolutely proven that this is the grave site of Isaiah & Eliza (Warden) Maxey. This property was part of the Maxey Farm. It later fell into the hands of an African-American family. Then back to a Church of Christ Preacher and his wife. Other possible sites of the graves are Yarbrough Cemetery due north of here on Weakley Creek Road just inside the Lawrence County Line. Greenwood Cemetery where an early Christian Church was thriving or perhaps the Black Cemetery in Lawrence County near where the Maxey's had their first home. Major evidence also exist that the actual homes of the Maxey & Brewer families lay on the north side of Gimlet Creek whereas this site is on the south side.
I must add here the Trish has been dogmatically tracking every lead about this possible grave site and confirms in her own mind after talking with other distant cousins that indeed this is the graveyard of Isaiah Thomas Maxey and some members of his family. Which ones, it is not so clear.

Photographed this grave site on a late afternoon 22 Nov 2010. Added here 28 Jul 2012. The gravesites of the Maxey's have eluded Trish Boone for years, Trish is a descendent of these folks. Major source above is a book by her uncle a prominent Gospel Preacher G. C. Brewer, but G.C. did not mention their grave location. Wayne & others has investigated all the graves for miles around at least the known marked ones, including the very large Mt Moriah Cemetery, so he is aware that they do not have marked graves nearby here unless the stones have fallen and lost.

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