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This topographical map shows the cemetery with a big red check. It is not listed on any map that I know of but is very large and should be so listed due to its prominence. The GPS is 35.3209 N X 86.8735 W Another way of calculating this is finds the Latitude 35 degrees 19.254' and 86 degrees 52.41' Longitude. It is elevation 820 feet. Approximate size is 200' X 200' Feet squared on an east/west line.

Directions to this cemetery are: Take I-65 south from Nashville and go 60+ miles to Exit 22 shown above on this map. Exit left onto Highway 31 Alt and go 6 tenths of a mile and after crossing Richland Creek turn left into a long private drive. After the turn the cemetery can be seen at the crest of the hill on your right out northwest of you about 200 yards in a clump of trees.
However, first go to the end of the driveway (shown above as a dotted line road) and access permission from this fussy owner. You will be called to the carpet for not doing so. Also stay off his crops/grass and fences and refrain from making his livestock nervous (loud noise) and I think you will be welcomed and provided a route to drive there in dry weather. Now as much as the owner has has abused this cemetery it is hard for me to be civil but civil is the only way to be.

This aerial view shows what you will encounter in finding this cemetery. The yellow (or as my 4 year old grand son would say "lello plus") plus marks the spot beween I-65 & Hwy 31 Alt. The dotted lines is the Marshall/Giles County line.

This aerial closer in view shows the clump of trees in the cemetery. The private road can be seen here running along the bottom of the map.
What you are looking at as a tiny spot on the north side of the cemetery is some kind of hanging barrel full of something the cattle rancher-owner uses to dispense something to his cattle. That is no way to treat a historic cemetery, but he does not care because it seems none of us care either or we'd stop it. This becomes instead of a cemetery just an oasis for the cattle. It is my understanding that in the past the attitude of the landowner may have determined whether a cemetery became listed on public maps. Since this one is not then we see the abuse here perhaps spans many generations. Surely sometimes in the past there was a deed giving this cemetery land to make this a public cemetery but I have not investigated that.
Maps from MS Terra & Mapquest. Modified for use here by Wayne Austin 15 Jul 2008. Modified