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The James G. Click memorial as I found it. A midsection is leaning against the base in front and the top is leaning against the far side of the base. The footstone is leaning against the tree.

This is the memorial set together for photography. The inscription is faded on this memorial.

CLICK, J. G. (James G.), Died Sep 1?, 1884, Age about 65 years 
Photos and info 17 Jul 2008, by Wayne Austin.

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From: Mildred C Cast <>
Dated: 4/24/2007.
Could I get someone to do a Lookup in Marshall Co. for me? I want to know where my g-grandmother is buried. She was last in Marshall Co. early months Jan. or Feb. of 1878 when she died. Her name was SARAH JANE HOLLOWAY FINE CLICK. Her husbands name was JAMES GRAY CLICK. He married very soon after she died to a Ms Noblett in Marshall Co. He had two children by Sarah Jane and I believe they were raised by James and Ms. Noblett. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mildred C. Cast.

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To: Mildred C. Cast,
From the Marshall County Cemetery Book the only CLICK that is shown as buried in the county is J. G. CLICK, Died 1884, age about 65 years. J. G. may be the initials of your JAMES GRAY CLICK. He is buried in the HAYWOOD-MARSH CEMETERY, located two miles south of Cornersville, on the Pulaski Highway.

Bobby Prosser

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From: Mildred C Cast <>
Dated: 2/28/2009 3:51:36 P.M.
Hi Wayne,
James Gray Click was married the first time to a Sarah Bailey and had 9 or 10 children by her in Cocke Co. Tn.. Sarah then died and he married my great-grandmother, Sarah Jane Holloway FINE, whose previous husband was Wesley Fine from Cocke Co. Wesley died in the civil war at Vicksburg, Ms. in 1864.
Sarah Jane and Wesley Fine had 2 children, Mary Elizabeth and Sythe Ellen Fine, my grandmother. Sarah Jane married James Gray Click and they had John C. Click and Marinda J. Click. John was born in 1868 and I don't have proof now, but I believe Marinda was born first in 1866. A distant relative sent me a copy of a page out of a family bible showing where relatives in Tn. had kept notes as to dates of my grandmothers sister and her births, along with a note of the birth of M. Click born July the 27, 1866. It doesn't say married, to a M. Click. So, I think that she had already married James Gray Click before 1866 . Sarah Jane died in 1878 in Marshall Co. James Gray Click didn't stay a widow very long as he then married a Ms. Elizabeth Noblett about 2 mos. later, March 14, 1878 in Giles Co. I hope that I haven't confused anyone. Sincerely,
Mildred Cast,