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Mary F. Ferguson. Boxtomb. 17 Jul 2008 photo. We can't seem to get this inscription. In 2005 (photo below) there was a large tree lying across the tomb. Today most of the tree has decayed,  but the tomb is broken and the top part with the inscription is lying upside down on our left. It weighs about 500 lbs and I am not going to lift it back on without equipment. This tomb was not broken in 2005, that is a fresh break. [WA 7/23/2008]

Mary F. Ferguson. boxtomb under the fallen cherry tree on the right, center of photo. 2005 photo

FERGESON, Mary F., Oct 23, 1798 - Jul 30, 1859. It is obvious how buried into the fallen Cherry tree this memorial is. I don't know if today it is free of the limbs but will be shortly thru decay. However the rotting limbs are usually replaced by a vigorous growth of brush which becomes equally hard to eradicate. This is a vicious cycle.
Photos dated 29 Nov 2005 & information by Wayne Austin, 14 Jul 2008.