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Mapping the Location

Area Photos of the Cemetery: 0217/0230/0231/0232/0237/0238/0239/0240

MARKS. John, no dates or other grave information known, (Crumbled memorial or Fieldstone marked grave located north one grave from Ursula H. Marks, his wife.) 0225/0222J
MARKS, Ursula H., 8 Jun 1814 - 8 Aug 1862, wife of John Marks (stone broken and dug from the dirt) 0221//0222J/0222/0223
MARKS, William T., 18 Jul 1836 - 20 Feb 1863. 0219/0218
MARKS, Ursula, 28 Feb 1842 - 27 Jul 1864, daughter of John & Ursula H. Marks. 0224
MARKS, Mary E., 14 Mar 1862 - 5 Jun 1864, daughter of William T. & Mary E. Marks. 0233/0234/0236
MARKS, Louis F., 22 Aug 1839 - 25 Mar 1881. 0228/0230
MARKS, Louis P., 17 May 1878 - 24 Jun 1907. 0229/0230
SPIVY, Julia W., 21 Feb 1843 - 27 Jun 1914. (Could this footstone be for Julia, it has no inscription and no headstone could be located. It is of the same size and style of the footstone of Mary E. Marks.) 0235

Fieldstones marking graves which were stood on end and buried half way into the ground facing east/west:
Footstone without a headstone: 0235

There was only one stone standing in this cemetery when I arrived here. It was almost as if someone wanted to diminish the fact that this was a cemetery. As I approached the cemetery all I could see was fragments of stones. From the distance I thought they were all fieldstones until I examined them closely and realized they were broken bases etc. The first stone I found buried was the William T. Marks monument, then the Ursula H. stone, then I pitched a tool over in the next row and it struck a solid object. From that I discovered and uncovered the stone for the daughter Ursula. At this point I realized more lost stones were here so I walked the rows looking for others and found the Louis T. & Louis P Marks Monuments. They were in good shape but had fallen and needed only to be set back up. They had good bases. The Louis P. Marks stone is a new find having never before been reported. I have also listed the fieldstone as for that of John Marks though I have no complete evidence the stone I found south beside Ursula b. 1814 was really his.

1870 census of Giles County, Civil Dist 6, Pulaski Post Office (The civil  District and Post Office seem to be a match for where this graveyard is located):
Marks, John, Age 63, farmer, born in Virginia value of property $5,000
Marks, Sarah, Age 57, keeps house (Ursula?)
Marks, Della, Age 20, in house
Marks, Jones, Age 17, works on farm
I did not find any of this family in the 1872 D. G. Beers Census of property owners. Either that is incorrect, I missed them due to the faint writing or the heirs sold out because of death of John & Ursula. 
This is civil Dist 6 & the Pulaski Post Office of about 1870 and I believe those are a match being about 3 miles SW of original downtown Pulaski.
If this census record & D.G. Beers census of 1872 is not a match to the Marks in this cemetery then I don't know the approximate birth & death dates of John Marks. C.W.A.
We solicit your input if you have better info on the folks in this graveyard.  C.W.A.

This publication is based on the photography and visit by C. Wayne Austin 14 Mar 2012. Added to this site 17 Mar 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. This listing was previously published in the book Giles County Tn Cemeteries by the Historical Society, 1985, page 352.