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Mapping the Location

Signage Listing in cemetery: 6407

HANKINS, Lucy G., consort of John Hankins, (b. ca 26 Oct 1806) - d. 10 Jul 1831, Aged 24 yrs, 8 Mos, 14 days. ( (d/o Samuel & Elizabeth Jordan) 6417/6416/footstone L.G.H.:6418/6419/6420
HOLT, E. E., 22 Dec 1817 - 14 Jul 1899, An honest Man, the noblest work of God. 6425/6426/footstone initials E.E.H.:6428/6429/6429L/6430/6431
HOLT, M.A.,  31 Oct 1819 - 9 Apr 1899, (wife of E.E. Holt; Inscription on underside of large fallen monument on the down side of E.E. Holt), footstone MA.H.: 6427/6429/6429L/6430/6431
JORDEN, Sam,  d. 1834. (Left 6 children; born about 1805 give or take about 5 years according to the 1830 census)* 6413C/6413/6415
JORDEN, Elizabeth,  d. 3 Feb 1867 (wife of Samuel Jordan) 6414C/6414/6415
MADDEX, Sallie W.
, 2 Jun 1826 - Aug 1881  6408/6409
MADDEX, Mary (Jordan), d. 10 Apr 1893, (d/o Samuel & Elizabeth Jordan) 6410/6411
McNEELY, E.O., wife of J. H. McNeely, 22 May 1859 - 21 Oct 1886. 6422/6423/6424

Several graves marked with fieldstones.
* purchased land on waters of Sinking creek bounded on one side by Richardson and the other side by Maddox 1828
A couple years ago when I attempted to get permission from the owners to visit this cemetery I was denied. Being polite & respectful I went on my way. Maybe you will have better luck. C.W.A.

This publication below seen on  Rootsweb is pertinent to this cemetery - mentions members of these families above in various places such as Mississippi & Alabama.
at this URL if you want your own copy:

From: "Susan Rosine" <>
Subject: [LEWTER] Henry Robert Lewter and wife Sarah H. Jennings
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 07:47:26 -0700

From the Rootsweb Madison county, Alabama List (2002):
From: (Tommy Stephenson)
Subject: Stephenson,Jude,Douglas
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 11:46:47 -0500 (EST)

Woodruff Files Vol. 3 Pages 44&45
File Box M-9 1871

Sallie Maddox and Others vs. William Jordan and Others
The Will of Sam Jordan filed in the case. Samuel Jordan died in 1834, testate, at his residence in the 1st District of Giles County.
He left surviving his widow Elizabeth who died February 3, 1867. Samuel Jordan left six children surviving to wit: George J., Matthew M., Sarah W., Martha C., Ann H., Elizabeth, who died before her father left no heirs. All of the children died before widow Elizabeth except Ann H., who married George Douglas, lived in Madison County, Alabama. Matthew M. Jordan died about 1858 leaving six children: William, Samuel, Mary J. who married A. J. Powell, Lucy Jack who also married A. J. Powell after the death of her sister Mary Jane, Wilbur F. Jordan and Hannah Virginia who married George W. Morris and George J. Jordan. Mary Jane Powell died in April 1859 leaving six children: John M., Mary M., Frances M., Robert T., and Amanda J. Powell. Wilbur F. Powell died in February 1864 leaving widow Martha E. and two children William A. and Mary H. Jordan. This family lived at West Point, Mississippi. Lucy Jack wife of A. J. Powell died in June 1877 without issue. Her husband died sometime before she did. Sarah W. Jordan married Jennings. She died before her mother. She left six children: Lucy Ann who married Samuel B. James of Corinth, Mississippi, Mary H. McKinney wife of Phillip Mckinney of Kellys Creek, Lincoln County, Tennessee. Sarah H. married Robert Lewter. Lewter lived in Giles County, Benjamin P. Jennings, Susan  married Robert Stevenson, Elizabeth married Bartley Hindman.  She died leaving two children John W. & Thomas L. Hindman. Elizabeth Jordan married Robert Johnson. She died leaving daughter Sarah who married W. S. Elmore Rowland of cotton Plant, Arkansas. (here maybe error--may be daughter Sarah Elmore and son Rowland) Virginia wife of John C. Berry. Mary Jordan married William Maddox. She died before her father. (not a typo-- She married Samuel Maddox. She died before her father left five children: Samuel of Holmes County, Mississippi, William Maddox, Mary and Sallie Maddox and Elizabeth wife of Ralph York of Giles County.
George J. Jordan died leaving two children Thomas and Virginia wife of ----Rushing, Mary France Tunley and Paschal who was deceased. There were two others whose names were unknown. Daniel Mosley was the administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Jordan. Samuel Jordan died owning 270 acres lying on the waters of Sinking Creek adjoining the lands of Richard L. Holloway & others. Samuel Jordan also had slaves which were
emancipated. Lucy J. Powell testified she was 48 years of age and resided in Colfax County, Mississippi. She gives the names of children and grandchildren of Matthew M. Jordan. Ann H. Jordan married first Jesse
Peebles, second George Douglas. Virginia S. Rushing testified she was the daughter of George J. Jordan, deceased, that she and Thomas B. Jordan were the only living children of George J. Jordan. She lived in Lafayette County, Mississippi. Thomas B. Jordan resided in Shreveport, Louisiana.

File Box M-9 Case 2963 Amended Bill (left off on 1st sheet, my error) Giles County, TN.
A deed dated January 15, 182l between James Terrill and Samuel Jordan, two town lots in Elkton lying on the river and adjoining the ferry landing and designated on plan as lot #110 111. May 30, 1871--"We the undersigned heirs of the estate of Samuel Jordan, deceased, do hereby petition to the Chancery Court at Pulaski, Tennessee, to order and Decree that one acre of land be exempt from the sale of said as a family graveyard. We ask this because we do not want the graves of our relatives and friends sold and they cover nearly an acre of land now. We submit the above to your honor hoping that you will grant our request, Yours_
______", signed by several of the heirs. Mary E. Jordan of Clay County, Mississippi and widow of Wilbur F. Jordan petitions the court for guardianship of William A. & Mary H. Jordan her children. NOTE: Deed Book
"C", page 353, Deed for 170 acres on Sinking Creek, registered December 18.1818 between George Jude Sr., of Madison County, Alabama and Samuel Jordan. This being part of a tract of 640 acres of land sold by William Lytles of Nashville to Thomas Hudson of Davidson County and Hudson sold to George Jude Sr., Deed Book "D", page372 Matthew Weaver Agent Deed to Samuel Jordan registered March 7, 1821,
150 acres of land on Sinking Creek. Land was bounded by lands of John Hawkins, John Vance, James Jones, Curtis Terry, Edward Douglas, and others which said tract of 150 acres was claimed land and held by Samuel Jordan and wife Elizabeth, Edward Douglas and wife Mary Ann, Matthew Weaver and wife Lucy, John Phillips and wife Sarah W. and George Jude Jr., as being heirs and devisees of George Jude Sr., late of Madison County,
Alabama (then territory) .

Note: Clara M. Parker, Frank Tate Jr., Bill Rogers, Elizabeth & Jack White went to this Cemetery in the summer of 1985. We found eight graves; Samuel & Elizabeth Jordan, Sallie & Mary Maddox, Lucy G. Hankins, E. E. & M.
A. Holt and E. O. McNeely. The (Maddox) Cemetery was very overgrown. We thought we were very lucky not to have been snake bitten.

Visited here in an attempt to find this cemetery in 2012. Visited again 16 Mar 2016 and photographed. This cemetery is presented in the book Giles County Tennessee Cemeteries by the Historical Society page 243, 1987.