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Notes - exceptional findings:

Tombstone face down on ground unable to read. near the Evans area. section D 4479
Base of Tombstone only, near the Fleming lot. section D 4652
Unknown infant. between Carpenter or Copeland monuments: section B 2485

Unknown infant, 1914:  2706/2712
Foot or border marker with initials "J.J.M." next to Noah & Annie Morrow. section E 5182
Unknown foot, head or border markers (3 ea.). section E 5040
Two letters & one birth date remaining "E....S..... 1906 - ???? (Undertakers Marker; Bills - McGaugh & Floyd Funeral Home),(Two letters E & S of whole name in the dirt.) section B beside Thomas M Finley: 2521/2522
MARKER footstone, with initials M.E.C. (or M.E.O.) leaning against the back side of Willie C. and Vashti K. Orr's ts.) section B 2697

Credits & Sources:
The initially developed listing was by Gertrude Gracy & Mary Bob McClain Richardson. This version was posted here and also I think by Trish Holloway on Find-A-Grave. Also used only here were records from Wayne Austin's archive. This listing was and still contains elements of a composite of the original cemetery records, obituaries by Mary Bob McClain and family photos by Wayne Austin. Family genealogies were contributed by various sources including Wayne Austin, Internet contributors and of course what is on the gravestone. Edited by both Mary Bob McClain Richardson & Wayne Austin 15 Apr 2009 and first posted to this site then. 

This cemetery was originally listed in the book, "Giles County Tennessee Cemeteries", by the Giles County Historical Society, Pages 203-241. Not aware of the transcriber in the 1980s.
This listing was revised again 1 Jul 2009 to include a complete transcriptions from 4,000 updated high quality photos made as follows:
Section A 22 Apr 2009 / Section B - C & G 28 Apr 2009 / Section D  7 May 2009 / Section E - F 12 May 2009. These photos of each tombstone were made by Wayne Austin, but transcribed from the photos by Mary Bob McClain Richardson with the help of photographer Wayne Austin. That resulting update which included many corrections of errors and updated listings was added here 2 Jul 2009. So as of now this is the most correct and up to date listing of the Lynnwood Cemetery ever made, but new burials occur all the time rending the work obsolete again.
If you know of any other errors feel free to call those to our attention and we will correct them at or