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Lynnwood Cemetery -  photo by Wayne Austin 1990.

Abner Turner McQuigg - 1897 
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Martha Anne Evans McQuigg - 1897
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Abner Turner & Martha Anne Evans McQuigg Family - 1897
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Martha Anne & Abner Turner McQuigg
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Letter to Mary Bob from Tom Harmon
Mary Bob,

I received a copy of Martha Anne Evans McQuigg's application for a Widow's Pension from the TN State Library and Archives.

It did not give much information on Abner Turner McQuigg's service record that was not already known.

He enlisted Nov. 1, 1862 at Lynnville in Co. I, 53rd TN Infantry Regiment and served as a private.

The company was moving through Maury County in March 1865 and Abner received permission to drop out, due to extreme weakness from dysentery. The company surrendered elsewhere, but Abner was still a member of the company to the end of the war.

Witness statements by Mrs. Lizzie West (Elizabeth Lucretia Evans West, sister to Martha) and Mrs. Sarah L. Hill (Sarah Lucy McQuigg Hill, daughter of Martha) give some perspective.

Abner was so debilitated by his illness that he thought he was going to die and could not continue with his company. He remained in a very weakened state for a year after the close of the war and for years afterward he could not work for any long period of time because of the lasting effects of his condition.

They further stated that "During the time Abner T. McQuigg was in the war his wife lost her little girl and had so much other trouble that she lost her mind, they burned her fences and caused her untold trouble. " They confirmed that Martha and Abner had a total of 11 children - 8 boys and 3 girls.

Martha gave answers to some questions that leave doubt as to her ability to remember dates.

She stated she was born in 1846, when her tombstone shows 1841. and she stated Abner was born in 1838, when his inscription shows 1831. The Giles County clerk gave a statement that all marriage records prior to 1865 were destroyed in the war. Martha stated she and Abner married in 1860, but from another source I have a date of August 26, 1859 (That may be in error as their first child Ellen was not born until 8/7/1861, so 1859 may be incorrect)


Photos as noted. Information sent by Mary Bob McClain 10 Apr 2010. Posted 12 Apr 2010/