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Left to Right photo above: Gilbert Shaffer; N.B. Hardeman & his wife Annie Brown Ward Hardeman, (Mrs. N.B. Hardeman) Our focus is on the subject Annie buried in Lynnwood Cemetery.

HARDEMAN, Annie Brown Ward, 18 Sep 1892 - 5 Mar 1988; Music Teacher; 1st married to Arthur Ward, 2nd to N.B. Hardeman who was the founder and president of Freed-Hardeman College. section A 2169

Annie Brown Ward Hardeman was music teacher at Freed-Hardeman College and the second wife of N.B. Hardeman, founder and president of Freed-Hardeman College, Henderson, Tn. Her first husband was Arthur Ward. Photo used with permission from Tom Childers, a teacher at Freed-Hardeman, University of Middleton, Hardeman Co., Tn. or
If you look around on this site to see who has prominent memorials and think the more prominent the memorial the more important a person must have been while living on earth. Think again. Annie's life is a prime example of a prominent person with a simple memorial. There were literally thousands of students & young people that were positively impacted through out this country by this lady in her lifetime. [WA 12 Oct 2009]
No date offered for the photo but it was made about 1930 - 1956 Fall or early winter.
Compiled and sent in from Findagrave by Mary Bob McClain Richardson 5 Oct 2009. Added here by W.A. 12 Oct 2009.