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The center of the map with the red check marks the location of the Legg-Coffman Cemetery. This cemetery is not detailed on the USGS records and currently this is the only site showing that location detail.

The Location: Go Hwy 11 (Minor Hill Rd) to Minor Hill and turn southeast (left) on Salem Road and go nearly to the Alabama State line and turn left (east) on the Earl Townsend Road and go until the road bears back north 90 degrees northward (left). The cemetery will be on your the right up back the hill behind the new home of David & Annie Hendrix. You must have their permission. This is a private cemetery behind their house. That just means no deed exist for its separation from the Hendrix's land. The Hendrix will show you the informal property lines of the cemetery if you wish that. You may see Smitty Townsend also for help in viewing this cemetery. The Hendrix, Townsend, Howard, Legg & Coffman and Aldredge/(Eldredge) families have lived in this little valley/hollow or "hollar"  for more than a hundred fifty years. Please respect their right to a quiet privacy if you visit here. You will then be welcomed, as I was. Smitty did show up with his sawed off shotgun. HA! Not really-just kidding, he was one of the most pleasant & helpful persons I've met in a while and he knew much of the recent history of this cemetery.)

This topographical map shows the hills and valleys (known as Mud Bottom) better. I have pegged with a red check and written in red the location of the cemetery. The Hendrix home is new and does not show up on this map. The Smith Howard & Earl Townsend homes are shown as black dots next to the road.

This Aerial view shows the cemetery location marked with a red check. As you can see it is behind a private home on private land. The cemetery outline ends many feet southwest of the house making for a clear separation of lot lines as shown to me by Smitty Townsend. That northern graveyard line is also southeast of the fence line several feet further up the hill.
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