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WALKER, William Cannon, born 1796 in TN - died: March 8, 1870 in Limestone Co., AL (Father of Lovell Walker husband of Rebecca Ann (Coffman) Walker.
WALKER, Rebecca Ann (Coffman), born 1797 in TN, died 1861 in Limestone Co., AL (w/o William Cannon Walker, Mother of Lovell Walker)

Original letter from Steve Turnbow 24 Feb 2012: My friend, I believe it is also Extremely possible that my great-great-Great Grandfather William Cannon Walker (born 1796 in TN - died: March 8, 1870 in Limestone Co., AL), along with his wife - my 3rd Great Grandmother: Rebecca Ann COFFMAN Walker (born 1797 in TN, died 1861 in Limestone Co., AL), are ALSO buried here in the Legg-Coffman Cemetery, Giles Co., TN (very possibly two of the many Old stones that have washed down the hillside there or perhaps under the fieldstone marked graves)! The reason I say this, is due to the fact none of our family has any record of where they were ever buried, but we all know they lived for decades in neighboring Limestone Co., AL (just south of the Giles Co., Tennessee line), along with many other Coffmans and Leggs there in Limestone county. ALSO, for knowing that William Cannon Walker's daughter-in-law (my great-great grandmother): Millie Caroline Golden Walker is for certain, buried in Legg-Coffman Cemetery. Her husband Lovel Walker obviously brought her back there for burial, for the reason of knowing his grandparents David Harmon Coffman and Mary Ann Lovell Coffman were already buried there in Legg-Coffman Cemetery. Knowing all of these facts, I Strongly believe in all likelihood Lovel could have also brought his own parents to be buried there in Legg-Coffman (William and Rebecca Coffman Walker), simply because he most likely wanted his mother to be buried near her own parents, David and Mary Coffman. You can ADD: William and Rebecca Coffman Walker and their birth/death dates I have provided here, as most likely buried in the Legg-Coffman Cemetery. I would be very grateful if you would. Of course I will always try to research further to find if they were ever possibly buried in AL, but if and when....I ever find out differently, in the meantime, I would be grateful if you would add their names to the Legg-Coffman Cemetery, Giles Co., TN. I will also go ahead and make their memorials on Findagrave, and list them as buried there, until, or if ever we find out otherwise.

Thanks again for all of your work and help! your friend   -  Steve Turnbow, 25 Feb 2012.

Commentary by C. Wayne Austin: I have been to this cemetery and cannot refute the above position. There are many fieldstone and possibly other lost tombstones that mark graves otherwise lost for many generation. This cemetery is only about 500 yards from the Limestone County Alabama line and these folks did not see the State line as any an obstacle. I do know the fieldstones are scattered about and what seems to be the lost tombs are not necessarily close to the Millie Walker grave, but that is not a clear reason to disprove these listings.
As mentioned to me by Smitty Townsend who aided me in finding this cemetery he made me aware of a cemetery that is about 700 to a 1,000 yards or so south of this one into Alabama. I should go back there and get Smitty to describe the exact location more specifically, so I can visit this perhaps lost cemetery. I can tell you there are no known mapped cemeteries in Limestone County anywhere near the place Smitty mentioned. That to me makes it a lost graveyard. Perhaps this cemetery has some of your kin.

he 1860s & 1870s were terrible times for settlers to die. The war was going on and after the war was over it continued for many years to be a time of extreme uncertainty. It was not a time to die in the south because of the high risk there would not be a headstone placed over the grave.

C. Wayne Austin,  25 Feb 2012.

These updated listings added here 25 Feb 2012