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This westerly look shows the newer section of the cemetery. We are standing in a large open area marked somewhat with fieldstones. This open area where we are standing for the photo might have been the oldest area of the cemetery utilized earlier for burials. After that section was filled Row 1 & 2 was filled by David and his family and then lastly row 10 - 14 was used as a burial area by later descendents of David M. Kincaid born 1802.

Looking westerly at the older section of the cemetery. The closest stone belongs to Joe B. West. In the next row out the stone on the far left is for Mary A West Kincaid and her daughter Nancy both who died around 1845. Next right in the bright sun is the stone of David M. Kincaid. Next further right is the stone of Elizabeth his second wife whom he married after Mary A. West Kincaid died in 1845. To the right out of view in the same row is a fieldstone for an adult. There was a David Kincaid who was 71 years old and was believed to be the father if David M. found in the 1850 census. He lived here with his offspring in the latter part of his life but there is no marked memorial that I can see for him. 
To summarize from this angle it appears that there are five graves in row 2 evenly spaced about 10 feet apart (1) for Mary, (2) daughter Nancy, (3) David, (4) Elizabeth & an (5) Unknown person out of the view on the right. Of course in front (nearer us) in Row 1 is Joe B Kincaid son of J.P. & S. A. West.
Photos by Wayne Austin. 2 Jul 2008.