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The subject stone is the tall stone on the right in row 2. there is at least one space is between David (further left) & Mary for the grave of Nancy the daughter. Other spaces may be unmarked graves or just an indication of the fact that Mary the first wife died many years earlier. There are two fieldstones on either side of the subject memorial. It is my opinion that the fieldstones mark the head of their graves and the memorial was set in between the two rocks.

Mary A. (West) Kincaid & daughter Nancy J.

KINCAID, Mary A., wife of D. M. Kincaid 15 Jun 1807 - 8 Nov 1845. (daughter of Walter & Nancy (Ligon/(Ligett)) West) (Row 2, 05)
KINCAID, Nancy J., daughter of D.M. & M.A. Kincaid, 14 Sep 1828 - 22 Aug 1844, age 15 years. (Row 2, 04)
Photos & information by Wayne Austin, 1 Jul 2008.