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This topographical map shows the Jackson Cemetery GPS Coordinates. 

Go South on Hwy 11 to Minor Hill and turn southeast (left) into Salem Road. After 1/4 mile turn left (or east) on Tackett's Branch Rd./or it maybe Whites Lane. After 1/2 mile turn right on the West Prong of Shoals Creek Road. Follow that for 3/4 mile and turn right into Jackson  Cemetery Rd marked incorrectly as W. Shoals Creek Rd on below aerial view. Follow that past a historic home on the right and to the cemetery also on the right but upon the crest of a knoll. It is inside a fence and well maintained today.

This graphically enhanced MS Bing map shows the various roads and assets you should respect as you make your way to & into this cemetery.

This image shows the Jackson Cemetery. I have graphically outlined the borders in white. As you can see the stones are all in the eastern part of the cemetery with the oldest further east. This is a well organized cemetery which can easily be expanded westward. The label on the road W. Shoals Creek Road is incorrect. This is actually the Jackson Cemetery Road. There are private homes and farms using this road. Please respect the neighbors assets & privacy when visiting this cemetery.
Maps from Topozone & MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing Mapping. Modified for use here by Wayne Austin 20 Jun 2010. 
Instructions above are for common sense for the use by law abiding folks and are not to be used in compromising the security of the various private and public assets you will come in contact with as you travel to this cemetery. I take no responsibility for lack of common sense or misapplication by anyone in using these instructions. [WA 19 Jun 2010]