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Map from Topozone site. Modified for use here. It was later determined when I visited this cemetery that this map was marked 1/4 mile to the north. The Howell Cemetery is actually in Giles County at spot on this map called CEM on Topographical maps and others have is named Elkridge Cemetery. Nevertheless it is actually found at GPS 35.4485N X 87.1316W.

On this map the cemetery is called the Elk Ridge Cemetery. It is actually the Howell Cemetery. Also there is an African American American Cemetery just south of here and on the other side of the road called the Flannigan Cemetery.

This Aerial view shows the cemetery in a clump of trees on the west side of Morrow Branch Road marked here with a red check.

Sign installed by Richard Green of Texas about 1999. Photo by by Norman Howell, 2004.
Maps modified from the following sites: MS Bing, MS Streets & Trips 2004 & Topozone though these maps will not look familiar on those sites.