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Photos made 8 Oct 2013 by Jim & Ruby Thomas: Signage: Photo1/Seley C. Norman:Photo2/Herman Edward Howell:Photo3/M.C. Howell & Polly E. Howell:Photo4

CUTBIRTH, Benjamin "Big Ben", Sr., born 1740 died 1817, Birth Pennsylvania - Death Maury County, Tennessee*
CUTBIRTH, Elizabeth "Betsy" Willcockson, born 1745 died 1819, Birth: Chalfont, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Death: (southern) Maury County, Tennessee.*
CUTBIRTH, Benjamin, Jr., b. 1764 - death date unknown *
HOWELL, Major C., born August 26, 1799 in N. C., died May 12, 1888 in Giles Co. Tenn.
HOWELL, Mary E. "Polly" Freeman, born March 24, 1808, died March 24, 1868 ( 3rd wife of Major C.)
HOWELL, M. H., (Only the initials MH can be found on this fieldstone).
HOWELL, Herman Edward, 1908 - 1910.
HOWELL, J. T. (Jackson T.), (Only the initials JTH and the death date 1897 can be found on this fieldstone. Records say he was born in 1849.).
NORMAN, Seley C., Feb 23, 1858 - July 23, 1880.
WALKER, Mary, died 1847(1887?).

buried here are Benjamin and Elizabeth Cutbirth and at least one of their sons Benjamin in unmarked graves.

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Subj:Re: Major Howell and other
Date:9/13/2004 8:00:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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Did you know that Major Howell had a son named Major Howell whom I believe was involved in the Civil War killing of my third great uncle William Fine Coffee.
This son fled to KY after his accomplice Samuel Morrow was likewise killed probably by the interest of Coffee. I have been in discussion of this recently with a
descendent of this Howell by the name of Don Howell who still lives in the Western KY area. This Major Howell was paired with a Samuel Morrow in the killing.>>>
Yikes!! So he was your third great uncle?
No, this was Major Howell, son of Daniel Howell...have census records for him showing him having a son named Major. Daniel Howell
lived on the Maury Co. side of Southport...he is listed in census records as a miller. All the old people we talked to back in the 80's knew of the Old Howell Mill and
we thought it was Major's mill, but Major was listed as a farmer in census records, Daniel was listed as a miller, so evidently Daniel Howell ran the Howell Mill.
That Daniel Howell was a mean dude!! :) and it sounded like his son Major was also mean!

From the book "They Passed This Way", Vol. II, page 276...
Howell, Daniel, a jury of inquest to inquire how and when and in what manner Daniel Howell came to his death on April 19, W.H. Esom in his own necessary self defense
to save himself from death or great bodily harm by the violence of the said Daniel Howell , the said W.H. Esom did then and there kill the said Daniel Howell by striking him
on the head two blows with a small hand mall.
We do not know where Daniel Howell is interred (probably on his own farm somewhere on the Maury County side of the Giles Maury County Line.)