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HOWELL. Jackson T., son of Major C. Howell. I think he is listed in the book "They Passed this Way" One thing I do have in my notes on Jackson T. Howell, is on 8/22/1988, we talked to his granddaughter, Rosie Howell Hudspeth (now deceased). I know I spelled her last name wrong for a long time and I'm not for sure if I corrected it on my notes. It may be Hedgespeth. I have notes from looking at her bible and Jackson T. did die in 1897. I have him being born Nov. 19, 1849 even though it's not on this fieldstone. Only the initials J T H is here on this fieldstone and the date (_5?) 1897.
Photo 7/25/1987. Information by Norman Howell 9/15/04.