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This map shows the GPS coordinates of the Houze Cemetery. 

This road map shows the cemetery on the left after you bear right onto Indian Creek Road. If you choose not to use the gated entrance you will quickly go down a hill and to get to the cemetery from there you will find it a steep climb up a bank covered in vines with a fence at the top. You will need permission to get past the locked gate on your left after passing the water tower and merging onto Indian Creek Road. Alternative directions: Go Highway 64E; turn right into Pisgah Road. Bear to right on Indian Creek Road and go past the water tower. Gate to left. From there look east and just to the left of the power lines at the tree line. The cemetery is next to the tree line in a cattle field.

This aerial map shows the cemetery on the left of a fenced enclosure (surrounded by trees). I have no idea why the fenced enclosure (shown above in this aerial image) exist unless it is for cattle herding. This cemetery has been trampled down by cattle and ignored for years. Put a fence around it and the brush takes over. Leave it as is and the cattle will trample it to pieces - your choice. Folk don't realize that all one needs to do to destroy an old cemetery is ignore it.

The black arrow shown in the photo points out one of the cemetery stones. It is in the distance showing up here as a pale white object at the edge of the trees. We are standing just inside the gate.
Mapping from Topozone MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping. Modified and added here 6 Nov 2012 by C. Wayne Austin.