Mapping the Location

Area Views of the cemetery:
Labeled wide angle area view: 5622W/5622W1

Historic antebellum home - 1/4 mile east along Pisgah Ridge Road. Pisgah Church and Cemetery are just over a mile further. It is likely some of the interred in this cemetery lived in this house: 5603

BASS, Francis Marion, 5 Oct 1845 - 1 May 1913. Our Father. 5613C/5613
BASS, Martha J., 22 May 1843 - 7 Jun 1921. Our Mother. (Stone pushed over, actually in good shape.) 5614C/5614
DUGGER, John, died  ca 20 Oct 1894. (Pulaski (TN) Citizen, Thursday, October 25, 1894. "Mr. John Dugger, a blacksmith of Pisgah died last Saturday and was buried Sunday at the graveyard near the home of Esquire Houze."); [Grave is unmarked today 2012 C.W.A.; info sent in by Ruth Hasten Walsh 21 Aug 2014.]
HOUZE, Alfred, 21 Feb 1819 - 21 Jan 1892.   (Stone pushed over, actually in good shape.) 5618C/5618/footstone A.H.: 5612
HOUZE, Caroline, 23 Oct 1825 - 25 Jun 1907 5617C/5617
HOUZE, F. H., 14 Jan 1853 - 18 Mar 1923 (Stone broken off. Base still present.) 5609/5610/footstone F.H.H.: 5611
HOUZE, Robert LeRoy, 21 Mar 1850 - 19 May 1937.  (Stone broken.) 5619C/5619/5620
HOUZE, Bertha Lee, 23 Jan 1917 - (no other date intended) (Stone broken & lying on ground.) 5608
HOUZE, Lula B., (no dates) (not found in this survey. Might be the unknown gravestone below.)
YOUNG, Sarah H., wife of I. H. Young, 20 Sep 1847 - 30 Oct 1868.  5615C/5615/5616

Unknown center section of gravestone no inscription either side. Top with inscription missing. It is lying on its base so this is a separate grave: 5621

I would have set up many of these tombstones that had good solid bases even though all but one had been pushed over. However, in a bad environment such as this it would have made things worse, due to cattle being on the premises the livestock would quickly trample the stones down again, maybe with even more damage the next time.

Visited & photographed 24 Oct 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Added to this site 7 Nov 2012 by the same. Also published in the book Giles County Cemeteries, Page 178 by the Historical Society 1986. Listed on Findagrave.com with no accompanying photos.

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