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This topographical map shows the Helton Cemetery as I have marked it with the red arrow. The GPS coordinates as shown by major Mapping companies have it incorrect. I have made the correction based on the westerly coordinate being several hundred yards too far to the east. 

This map from Google also shows the Helton Cemetery posted too far to the east. I am sure that is based on a mapping error in the USGS records. Believe my blue arrow may be pointing too far north though. The little straight road extending eastward is the Helton Cemetery Road and allows access to this cemetery. However one must cross into and thru a private livestock pasture after passing through the 1st gate. Be sure to close all gates behind you if you go here. In other words keep all gates closed at all times. 

This graphically enhanced Google map shows the various roads and security assets you are to respect as you make your way to & into this cemetery.
The official directions from Pulaski are: Location: Highway 64 West; right (north) onto Campbellsville Road. After you come into Campbellsville turn left (or continue straight as is the case here) onto the Campbellsville Rd. Follow Campbellsville Road for about 2 miles and when the road terminates into Rose Hill Road turn left (south). From there go 3 tenths of a mile and (with permission) turn left into the field road with the sign Helton Cemetery Road. Follow that 150 yards until it ends at the first gate. Open the gate and drive thru and stop and get out and close the gage behind you. This gate will swing open automatically when the latch chain is released so be careful with that. In the event of a failure of the latch immediately get the owner to fix it instead of abandoning the gate leaving it open. Then follow the road (slowly, 5 MPH please) southeast across the pasture to the tree line in the distance where the cemetery is located. You will terminate your drive at the gate into the cemetery and will be required to open and close the gate there also to keep the cattle and the cemetery secure.
Maps from Topozone & Google. Modified for use here by Wayne Austin 11 Feb 2010. Instructions above are for common sense use and are not to be used in compromising the security of the various private and public assets above. I take no responsibility for lack of common sense or misapplication by the anyone in using these instructions. [WA 12 Feb 2010]